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Friday, March 30, 2007

Welcome Mat

What brings you here? What’s on your mind?

The Natalee Holloway case caused many of us to voice our opinions and delve into the less than respectable side of Internet news. However, that news has slowly turned into a re-run. Nothing is coming out of Aruba, the Netherlands, or Mountain Brook. Beth (my hero in all of this) has not said a word lately.

So, I must ask what keeps people interested and what keeps them searching for that one clue that will make a difference. What is it about this horrific story that keeps people glued to their keyboards?

Maybe my own accounting will start the ball rolling, except I am caught on this phrase, “a dark and stormy night.” Why dark? Why stormy?


Anonymous said...

I think what keeps us tied into this story is that we have seen something horrific done to one of our own by ones who have no regard for the value of human life and dignity. We know that there are those that have answers to what happened to Natalee and where she may be, and it is appalling to see that after 22 months, no one will bring forth the answers and the truth.

Those of us who have children can relate to the plight of Natalee and the Holloways and Beth. We can say, 'there, but for the grace of God, go I". No one should have to suffer the indignities and abuse that Natalee and her families have suffered over these many months. So many have made this into a game for their own pleasure - to hurl insults and hurtful words towards a family that only wants one thing and that is to have Natalee returned. This is not a game - this is real - Natalee is still missing. Many lives have been disrupted - lives which will never again be the same.

There are many of us who really care about Natalee and her families and we will continue to do what we can to try and help find the answers. It is just a sad situation that people can not work together for a common goal. A force divided will never win, but a force united can make a difference.

EasyWriter said...

Thank you for the comment!

Beyond Natalee, what interest you?

Anonymous said...

I have a daughter almost the same age as Natalee. I can't imagine what her mother, father, and family is going through with NO answers. I keep coming back because I feel like I have become part of that family and I also want answers. I don't know why that happened - why this case - but that is why I keep coming back. I also keep wanting justice to prevail - I guess to restore my trust in people in general. I just can't understand how this cannot be solved - what forces want to prevent a mother from being able to find her daughter and, if needed, begin to mourn and heal. Even on some of the worst boards out there - there are still a few who just really want answers - no matter what the answers are - so we tolerate the hate and insults hoping that one day someone will have the answer - for the family and for ourselves.

Anonymous said...

EASY: Beth (my hero in all of this) has not said a word lately.
My hero too! I stand in awe of this amazing woman whose integrity is above reproach.

Mike, I would like to believe that this is the lull before the storm. Once Aruba closes the Natalee Holloway case ... I believe that Beth Twitty is going to expose all that she has learned regarding regarding the truth that encompasses the morning her daughter disappeared and ... the conflicts of interest within the investigation that dictated from day one that there would be no justice for Natalee Holloway

Janet aka Tamikosmom

Jonesboro Sun
January 29, 2007
JONESBORO -- Beth Holloway Twitty -- whose daughter, Natalee Holloway, disappeared in May 2005 in Aruba and whose disappearance sparked international news coverage -- addressed nearly 400 people in Riceland Hall at the Arkansas State University Fowler Center.
Twitty recalled the first days after her daughter's disappearance and the actions of the Aruban government. "We did everything we could in looking for her. There was a government coverup, and it has been documented," Twitty contended. "Yet we have remained respectful and have done the right thing."

EasyWriter said...

My Mother has always been a meek, demure woman with a ready smile and a friendly hand to all. Never did I think of her as anything but my mom, until the day she thought I had been done wrong at school.

She marched into that place with her eyes glaring and her three sister’s in-tow. She laid down the law and I was whisked away.

As luck would have it, I landed in a hospital for three months and a 100 miles away, but I will never forget that day.

Don’t mess with the cubs of a lioness!

Anonymous said...

Sweet, demure, Southern woman quietly says with a coy twist of her head avoiding eye contact, "Well, I would just simply die for my husband."

Same woman, raises her head with a point-blank glare, all muscles at-the-ready in a clear, strong voice "But, I would KILL for my CHILD."

MAREBEAR said...

Natalee has grown in all our hearts, largely due to Beth's persistence. Personally, Natalee is dear to me because I was a victim of a violent crime when I was 18. I was left somewhere with no heros to rescue me, but fortunately I found my way home. I cannot let Natalee down, we have to keep searching.

EasyWriter said...

LOL True!

Jossy and I are talking about the bribery issue and I will be posting something soon.

Anonymous said...

I had a mother that became a raging lioness or bear,after some bad thing 40 years ago.No on really cared,many hated and still do my mother for standing up to the system.We got justice after 10 years.

Anonymous said...

Found this on the phrase "dark and stormy night" thought it was fitting - especially the part about horror movies...


EasyWriter said...

lol It is suitable and slightly full of corn pone.

Anonymous said...


I love your blog. Great job!
I have also wondered what pulls people to this case. I have always thought how horrible this is for the family, to not know what happened. To not have closure. I have NEVER understood all of the hateful people that imply that a mother could have something to do with this. The only conclusion I can surmise is that there are some jealous hateful people out there......I for one was drawn to this case because it is just so awful, and even if the only thing i could do was show my support, then so be it. I wish that this family could just get some peace.

Anonymous said...

The reason why I continue to follow the Natalee Holloway case is because Dave and Beth touched my heart. I cannot even begin to imagine the grief of losing a child but to have the horrific things piled on them by Aruba (defaming Beth and Natalee, telling them someone confessed and then backtracking on that, blaming Natalee for her own death, Joran actually daring to make money on a book deal about his victim, lies, lies and more lies) and then not even being able to take their daughter's body home - all these things draw me to keep praying for Dave and Beth. No parent should have to endure what they have.

I am so thankful for their faith.