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Saturday, March 17, 2007


Yesterday a chill ran over my skin. Today a blue sky welcomes me and old oaks sway with the wind as if they were telling me a new season has arrived. Blue is bluer than blue and green is greener than green. Shadows are short and crisp against the emerging lawn. Smells whisk through the pristine air with reckless abandonment. The odor of fresh-cut Dandelions and wild garlic drift across the neighborhood. In the distance smoke rises from a backyard grill and meanders lazily toward my senses. Robins bounce in unison each time the wind blows.

It’s SPRING! The season of re-birth that makes promises with its changing colors. A season to reflect upon the year’s miss-adventures. A time to be thankful that we are here to see nature in its glory one more time.

Memories linger and I can’t help but think of those I loved that are not here to enjoy the season. I so wish you were!


BTGirl said...

Isn't Spring great? As I've said before, a beautiful Spring day makes up for a lot of the bad stuff in life. Whenever I'm outside on one of those perfect days, I think it's worth enduring all the bad things in order to get to point of being able to experience so much beauty.

Anonymous said...