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Friday, March 16, 2007

Pure Chat – Addendum

Anatomy of a Message Board

Since starting the series about a few well known message boards, others have been brought to my attention. Never participating at any of them, I know little except what I have recently read. From the context of some of these boards, I could speculate as to their emergence from other boards, but I would rather open this topic up to discussion and let their membership enlighten the rest of us.

This is a brief list, so feel free to mention any other forum, private or public that you may have knowledge.

The Clue Bus




Natalee’s Freebirds

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think many of these were started by former members of Refugees Unleashed and BFN.

Since no one has come forth with much information about these message boards, I will speculate.

Refugees is the “Mother” of most of these spin-offs.

CTV > RU > The Clue Bus > Busted > PAW > Freebirds

Of this group, Freebirds appear to be the most reasonable collection of people. There is something to be said for filtration.

RWV > NH.net > BFN > The-JuryBox > Natalee’s Freebirds

Interesting migration pattern…


Anonymous said...

ugh...can I be an orphan from nataleeholloway.net? lol

EasyWriter said...

Sure! Tell us about NataleeHolloway.net and why it shut down.

Anonymous said...

From what I remember, it was sold. I am assuming that Zeus the admin was the owner of nh.net. At the time of its closing, I was busy relocating to a small town and when I returned, nh.net was no more. Apparently a bunch of drama rama happened during my absence concerning BFN's favorite troll. Then there were rumors of nh.net being hacked and threads disappearing.

EasyWriter said...

Interesting about nh.net. What would you say the general atmosphere was at that site when it was up and running? About what time did it shut-down?

EasyWriter said...

I understand the desire of many to remain anonymous while posting comments at this blog. Many people have invested a great deal of their time on these various message boards and feel a vestment toward seeing the Natalee Holloway case through to a conclusion.

Regardless of what some choose to believe, I know that the comments are coming from all across this country and a few others. I am also aware of the sensitivity that many have for this particular subject matter, so I will leave the comment section open to all comments and just continue to take out the trash as needed.

Anonymous said...

It shut down sometime between Sept.2005 and Oct.2005. I would describe the atmosphere as being on par with Scared Monkeys.
Elza aka Natasha

EasyWriter said...

Auntcindy – I can tell that the BFN post was a heartfelt one and I understand most of your feelings. Many of us have practically been living on message boards for the past two years constantly awaiting some type of news about the Natalee Holloway case. So, the experience has become a very real one for us and that breeds a curiosity about what makes this method of communication tick.

I have my opinions about some of the shenanigans, but I would like to get input from others that were active on some of these discussion forums. It is a very interesting look at life and the workings of the human mind. People do and say things across the Internet that they never would in a face-to-face setting. At least I hope they wouldn’t! lol

EasyWriter said...

Elza aka Natasha – Was Zeus a former member of SM, or RWV? Who is/was Ringo?

EasyWriter said...

I see that I am reading the comments via email and responding in the wrong topic area. lol

So, if some of my comments do not make sense, I am probably referencing something that was posted in Part IV.

Anonymous said...

I dont know anything about Zeus, when I was a member of nh.net he was hardly there. It was great. lol Everyone wants to know who Ringo is. To me he was just a poster on the internet.

Leslie from Scared Monkeys said...

Congrats on your new blog. I found the content well written and interesting. Keep up the good work.

justinsmama said...

Hey, Easy! I've had differing experiences on different boards. One of my favorites is a private board that one must be sponsored and approved by the admin (one of which I am) to join. The board iteself is not open to reading by anyone but members. Members are required to be civil to one another regardless of the issue being discussed. Those who are unable to practice or understand civilty have uncivil posts censored and are warned. Should the offensive behavior continue, the individual is banned. It really is not difficult to be civil there. While there are other boards that I frequent, I am disturbed by the attitudes expressed by some when others do not share their views. Then there are the extreme boards, those to whom I refer as "The Dark Side". LOL! They are a bunch of nuts and twisted individuals. A big KUDO to one site's moderator: Klaas of scared monkeys is the finest of the fine.

Anonymous said...

justinsmamma there are lots of private forums as spin-offs from these forums. what happens is people who think alike migrate to those as a group so you have fewer arguments.birds of a feather.

ViVi said...

Hey. Just saw this. Yes, Freebird was from a group of us that were at refs (via the clue bus).

Thanks for your kind words. Much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

:) PAW came before The Clue Bus. It was the original forum for the original 10 or so members and remains a private forum for the original members.

ViVi said...

Hiya Z.

Now who's minding the store? :D

Anonymous said...

Hello ViVi,

You birds are free to run it yourself whilst Im away. :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks, we try.

-jet, Freebird Moderator.

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Anonymous said...

EasyWriter never participated at any of the listed forums??? LAUGHING MY ASS OFF! Liar liar pants on fire!

Peek-A-Pooky (I see you-ky)

Anonymous said...

Hi ViVi... Long time no see. Pooky

Anonymous said...

I think Justinsmama is related to Deborah Klaas... or was she related to ...hmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

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