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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

American Idol – Turning Point!

Knock me out with a Randy, floor me with a Paula and slap my Cowell!

Okay, I was wrong. There are some stars waiting to sparkle this season. One got my attention with her legs, another with his modern take on an oldie, then tears flowed when a favorite backseat lyric came from a young voice and the show ended with the impeccable performance of Melinda Doolittle.

Could it be that I love that decade? Could it be that nostalgia got the best of me? Could it be these kids brought some very good music into the 2000’s? I think it was pure talent blended with great music!

Rock On!


Anonymous said...

melinda is talented and gracious !

EasyWriter said...

She is extremely talented and gracious! But, I think Jordin has some real star quality going on and it is fun to watch her grow with each performance.

Mirabelle said...

Thanks for writing this.