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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Fish Story!

Along the gulf coast of Mexico, seafood restaurants are as plentiful as gas stations. Among the favorite dishes (setting aside gulf shrimp deep fried, stuffed, grilled and sautéed’) Grouper has to be high on the list of favorites.

Nothing quiet as grand as sitting on the deck of my favorite seafood place, looking across the bay, reminiscing about the one that got away and eating the grouper almondine. Only one slight problem. That catch of the day grouper might just not be a grouper at all!

A local news station collected ten samples of grouper from some of the best known seafood places in this area. Nine out of ten of them flunked the grouper DNA tests. The fresh grouper we all know and love seems to be an Asian catfish, frozen and shipped in from parts unknown.

Now I am not certain if grouper is my favorite fish! It could be Asian catfish that I admire. Why is this a problem? Because I have been dropping 25 – 30 bucks a meal on this fresh frozen oriental catfish and I could have gotten the same at Mickey D’s for a $1.95!

I’m calling for a fish freeze until I get my money back, or these places are deep fried! lol


Mitral Valve said...

If you eat Tuna out of a can, make sure it has the "Dolphin free" sticker on it. Many Dolphins get stuck and killed in nets while fishing for tuna.

EasyWriter said...

Thanks for the info! Now, I know what I will have for lunch! "Is that chicken in that chicken of the sea?"

Anonymous said...

Hate it when that happens. Save the turtles or stick with salmon! ;D

EasyWriter said...

That takes me back! lol

I grew up in Deep South Mississippi and Sunday dinner was a big and regular event. The table was always piled high with vegetables and some type of meat, or fish. One Sunday my soon to be brother-in-law joined us for Sunday dinner. (Sunday Dinner should not be mistaken for dinner, or lunch, it was the big meal after morning church on a Sunday afternoon).

All the vegetables were ready, the casseroles warming and the skillet of cornbread browning. The crowning touch for that meal was to be salmon croquettes, deep fried in Crisco. We are talking about the south after all and if it couldn’t be fried it should still be walking around. As we all sat at the very large oak dining table sitting in the kitchen, my sister’s betrothed asked if he could have the “surp.” We all looked toward him quizzically and again he asked if he could have the “surp.”

More than willing to oblige, we shrugged our shoulders and asked him what was it that he wanted. He said, “the surp, ya know the maple surp.” lol

That boy poured half a bottle of “surp” on those salmon croquettes and was one happy camper. The rest of us kind of went out on the front porch and barfed.

What a life and what a memory…..

Mitral Valve said...

The way you write it, Mike, is in a way that when I close my eyes, I can see it in front of me. Nice!

Anonymous said...

:/ Where is 'surp from? lol

Anonymous said...

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- David