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Friday, March 16, 2007

Aruba Nights!

The Latest From the "Happy Island!"

There was a lot of activity behind the Light House last night, with police cars and what seemed to others to be cadaver dogs.. I was called from the U.S. at 12:30 a.m. to ask what was going on. I didn't know, but called my reporters who were in the field at that time. They confirmed it was true that a lot of police cars and anti-drug dogs were there, but it was part of an exercise, a training, for the benefit of the Minister of Justice of Suriname, who was attending an invitation and session with the mediocre Minister of Justice of Aruba. Aruba has no cadaver dogs, but well-trained anti-drug dogs.

On the case itself there is little news. Only that Paul v/d Sloot gave an interview to the Amigoe, that he was taken down in front of his colleagues, that he is writing a book, that his son is also writing a book, but not much else. The silence from the Dutch team is becoming permanent. We hear no sounds from that corner. I wonder why they took all those documents and tapes. There must be a reason behind that prolonged silence, but I refuse to speculate on what that silence means, because I don't want to disillusion myself.

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EasyWriter said...

Geography has never been one of my best subjects, but where the hell is Curitiba, Parana?

klaasend said...

Hi Easy - thanks for the update. I saw this article in todays Amigoe English regarding the Marine Corps from Aruba being in Surinam but nothing about them in Aruba. You don't think anyone would lie to Jossy's reporters do you?


klaasend said...


EasyWriter said...

JMO, but I think PVDS upset the wrong people. The truth is closing in...

buckeye said...

Still reading. I like the layout at your new page also.
Thanks for posting Jossy's words and thoughts.

EasyWriter said...

buckeye - I like some of the things I can do with WordPress, but I like some of the things I can do with blogger too. lol

Until I decide, I will be right here.

Anonymous said...

Yes Easy, thanks for trying to keep us up to date.
I pray you are right and things are closing in,