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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Pure Chat - Part V

Anatomy of a Message Board

Blogs for Natalee (BFN) was the brainchild of Ian Schwartz (Political Teen) and was initially to be a collaborative effort with Dan Riehl (RWV) and Richard Bingham (Hyscience). Steve Huff (The Darkside) soon joined their efforts and BFN was off and running.

It began in late June of 2005 with a few posts taken directly from the headlines of other main stream media (MSM) sources. Reviewing the June 2005 archives and associated comments, it is clear that BFN drew its early audience from RWV and NataleeHolloway.net. By early July BFN was already getting 4,000 hits a day. As the news about the Natalee Holloway case became more and more rare, so did the input on the blog. Soon it became nothing more than the occasional cut and paste from other news sources void of commentary.

Apparently, the original plans for the blog did not work out and the four horsemen returned to their respective blogs. While still involved with BFN, young Ian went back to his first love, right-wing political commentary and re-surfaced with a new political blog “Expose the Left.” Dan Riehl continued with RWV, Bingham with Hyscience and Huff landed a gig with Court TV’s Crime Library.

One can only surmise that these equally large egos did not meld well together to produce the desired result with Blogs for Natalee. The cash from excessive advertising must not have been rolling in either, because a plea for donations was made by Ian in August, 2005. The blog’s technical problems and lack of original content left it lingering in cyberspace as a less than memorable entry into the Natalee Holloway experience.

Running in parallel with the creation of BFN was the introduction of the forum on July 5, 2005. It too had frequent technical difficulties, but its membership list continued to grow by absorbing members of what became the defunct NataleeHolloway.net board and disillusioned posters moving away from the increasingly unpredictable RWV.

October, 2005 Ian was searching for a qualified moderator to assist with policing some of the more controversial members at BFN. A regular contributor to the blog eventually filled that slot, first as moderator, then moderator/co-administrator and eventually as the administrator. This person has single-handedly shaped what the forum has become based upon her skewed opinions about what is fair and reasonable.

In its truest sense a “moderator” should maintain objectivity and only intervene as a peacemaker when needed and serve to keep the discussion within reasonable or proper limits. Granted, such a thing would truly be difficult to find on an internet message board and it would also be such a boring job that no one would want to waste their spare time doing such a thing. However, there are moderators and then there are moderators. Each seems to bring their personalities into these message boards to some degree and that becomes a dominating factor in the board’s development.

BFN’s leadership apparently graduated from the Coldwater School of Moderation, because of the similarities of style. She has her pets and she will defy all logic to protect those characters and promote them as something they have not proven to be over and over again. One of the biggest blunders I have seen occur on any message board was a thinly veiled attempt to give credibility to her private message playmates. She even enlisted the assistance of the step-mother of the blog’s namesake to bolster the reputations of some rather malicious trolls that frequent the board. I never understood why that was done and I probably never will, but that action caused a mass exodus from BFN.

Those members that had worked long and hard to separate fact from fiction in the Holloway case, while avoiding the constant barrage of one-liners thrown at them by a few ne're-do-wells were left aghast. A large group of them felt as though the final straw had been cast upon the camel’s back and left BFN. After some transitional stops along the internet speedway they went on to form their own private message board.

The “administrator” and her team of “moderators” have carte blanche to do as they please, which includes changing the content of a member’s post, reading PM’s and assuming the identity of posters. Not an environment conducive to peace, harmony and trust. I wish there was something positive I could say about BFN, but not one single thing comes to mind.

In summary, all message boards are made up of a cross-section of humanity discussing one topic or another. This particular form of communication can be both delightful and horrendous. Some members seek answers to questions and some members provide those answers. Some members seek camaraderie or a platform where they can expound upon life’s trials and tribulations. The beauty of the internet is that there is something out there for everyone regardless of the topic. Tragically, there are those that find great amusement in hiding behind anonymity and seeking out the vulnerabilities of others. Those trolls can be found on all message boards and blogs. It is merely a game to them and the more emotional damage they can cause the more proud they are of their accomplishment.

Enjoy the message board experience, learn from it and broaden your horizons, but forever be aware that there are entities swarming about in cyberspace like a bunch of gnats. They can’t really harm you, but they can pester the pure chat out of you!


EasyWriter said...

GaGirl – Your comments are not welcomed on this blog, but I will address some of your points.

“Pm's have never been read nor have poster's identities been assumed.”

WRONG! I did make a few posts at BFN under the SN of Ambiguous. I mostly just asked questions. Some of the members, including one of the other moderators at BFN sent me PM’s telling me one thing or another. There was no problem with any of that, but one night Robin Holloway sent me a series of PM’s and we exchanged a few pleasantries and ended the chat with me promising to keep her informed if I should learn anything.

The next day I could no longer access that account and the “administrator” posted a query under Forum Announcements. He assumed my identity to make that post and he complained about the PM’s that were being sent to and from my SN. That’s a FACT!

“The only time a post gets edited is if it falls out of the guidelines of the rules for the forum.”

WRONG! They get edited by those of you with an agenda and the ability to do so.

“You posted some horrible things about Natalee's step mother and you also were a member of the board where most of the "fed up" members exited to.”

WRONG! The horrible thing I said about Robin Holloway was that in a recent photo of her she looked like she had gained a good deal of weight and I wondered if it was stress related. To some people who seem to always be looking for an angle I guess that could be interpreted as “horrible” but not to most of the thinking world.

EasyWriter said...

PS: GaGirl, you didn't even get it right about the forum that the self-exiled BFN members joined. It wasn't T4N.

What is that? Three strikes and a foul?

Anonymous said...

Thank You EasyWriter for posting the TRUTH.


Anonymous said...

You might want to revise this section on your blog then "About Comments:
Comments about my observations, both pro and con are welcomed."

and add this disclaimer:"Except for Gagirl's because she intimidates me with her intelligence." LOL

EasyWriter said...

Thanks for the laugh GaGirl.

Actually, your previous comment was more an attack of me and had little to do with my opinion piece about BFN. Now, go back to BFN and bully people there where you still have some control over the edit button.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the most truthful blog on the internet. Love it, and have always loved your writings.

Anonymous said...

Pm's have never been read nor have poster's identities been assumed.
This is a LIE, Yes they have.
Also user passwords are stolden and used to get in other blogs.
Don't use the same password at BFN as you would anywhere else.

ViVi said...

C'mon - lets see what gagal has to say and your response to the whole thing... or not. Just curious.

Do you mind saying what board it was the self-exiled joined?

I personally have never had a problem with BFN but I've never been involved in the behind-the-curtain scene there.

EasyWriter said...

GaGirl really didn’t say anything very interesting in her comment. She just made the mistake of personalizing her little rant and directing it toward me. Of course, in her opinion I am wrong about everything I experienced at BFN and have a chip on my shoulder, because I was banned for “attacking” a moderator (her). SSDD

The group that left BFN temporarily took up residence at The Jury Box, but have since moved on to a private board of their own making. In fact, I don’t think The Jury Box even exists any longer, or it had a change in domains.

The simple fact that BFN was willing to lose so many of its most loyal members in order to protect the likes of the resident trolls on the board says more about the attitude of BFN than I ever could.

Anonymous said...

Well you certainly left the best for last. Not that BFN is the best, far from it but you gave a perfect discription of what has gone on there. Good job, all well said!

Anonymous said...

Am I surprised that gagirl angrily responded to your post? Not at all. :-(

I do believe gagirl's is well intentioned, in that she enthusiastically cares about what has happened to Natalee. She is, however, a terrible moderator as she (1) continues to lack the ability in distinguishing between appropriate and inappropriate; (2) seems far too angry by nature; and (3) seems to enjoy humiliating people. No one is perfect, we all have bad days but other than enthusiasm, she has proven to be an ill fit as moderator at BFN.

It bothers me greatly that so many thoughtful members continue to leave, feeling as if they have had enough of gagirl. I, like most others, remain at BFN despite gagirl's often-offensive behavior and it is almost comical to receive a flurry of private messages from other members sharing their gagirl stories when gagirl has recently targeted you.

Outside of gagirl, Debbie as admin and the other moderators are great; when gagirl is silent (thankfully, is usually the case), BFN is a wonderful site and I wish you, and others, would continue to contribute.

Anonymous said...

I am a long time lurker at SM and BFN, and I have to agree with your assessment of BFN. There are a few good posters there, but they are fighting a losing battle, having to constantly post the same facts over and over again to counter some of the ridiculous things posted by others who have no real interest in the truth. Someone posted yesterday that s/he considered the chaperones and MB students (especially the Twitty twins) to be suspects in Natalee's disappearance, and a moderator and the administrator both leapt to that poster's defense when a couple of other posters objected. It's just a strange place.

Anonymous said...

I never was a member at BFN. I did read there when I had the time. I did go to their chat a few times. Invited by one of the members long ago.I never joined. I had NO desire to. Those that were in chat were very kind. A very few. :)
Afer all of the BS that transpired over the course of a few months, I decided it wasn't the place for me. Especially after seeing with my own 2 eyes what was going on there.
I do truly think that some members wanted to REALLY discuss the case and dig for information.
Others ruined that for those dedicated ones. Does Ramm or Reality ring a bell? Not to mention others?
Last time I checked BFN, which was a while back, I could not even read anything at all. Are they hiding something? Do you have to be a member to read now or what?
I used to read at T4N too. I read your post about that site.
Are they undercover now? Do they have private threads nobody can access? And if so. WHY?
T4N looks like nothing but a shell anymore. What happened Easy if you can say? Thank You.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a member of BFN and don't want to join simply to better understand your post; it would be helpful if you could explain how you know some of the things that you mentioned. Your explanation of the the PM experience helped, but how do you know the rest? Because I don't know anything about BFN, I'd like to have some proof. Is this what you based your comments about admin. reading PM's and posing as members came from?

From what you said, your exchange with Robin shouldn't have been a problem; do you know why the admin. did what he did? It seems to me that he would have been pleased that you had interacted with her!

Thanks. Janet

EasyWriter said...

Something was brought to my attention and it caused me to reflect upon my life and the things we were told oh so long ago.

As a child I heard a familiar limerick repeated many times and I think we kids would chant the words as we played various games. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!”

Who the hell ever came up with that crock? Broken bones heal in a given amount of time and most of us go on about life without serious consequence. However, the wounds we suffer due to words will linger for a lifetime and there is no way to predict what may trigger a memory of those words. Maybe the smell of freshly cut wild garlic on a warm afternoon, a red sun dropping behind a stand of tall pines, a song from yesterday playing on a radio, or a sudden awakening from a dream that leaves you confused and damp from a cold sweat.

Things that happen across this new media can have deep, touching effects upon any feeling person. That emotional impact should not be arbitrarily dismissed as something peculiar. It’s just human nature presented in a different way.

The feelings on all sides of these issues are compelling and I can feel the emotional torrent flowing through many of the comments. I too am a sensitive person and tend to make a permanent recording of all things that have past before me. I may not agree with the stance some of you take about certain topics, or the method in which you choose to express your opinions. But, I do recognize the difference between heartfelt expressions and meaningless gibberish.

My intention with this particular series of posts is not to harm anyone, but to make people aware of what might be in front of them, if they should venture forth in the land, far, far away that is now within the reach of a mouse click...

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the sticks and stones part of yout post.
Words do hurt I Know that as a fact. :(
I hope none of us has upset you in anyway? Like I said, I ws neevr a member at BFN. I heard alot form one of the past memebers who left. It was enough to make my toes curl. thats is the only reason I decided back then not to join the site. I have read good and bad things there.

Rammstein said...

Anonymour wrote: "Does Ramm or Reality ring a bell?"

Yes, Ramm does ring a bell.

Rammstein said...

I am very sorry you had less then a pleasurable time at Blogs For Natalee. Of what you are speaking I unfortunately know nothing (the logging on as other users, the reading of the PM's etc.).

The now somewhat infamous post written by Robin unfortunately disappointed a few people that were saddened IMHO that a few members they deemed unworthy got special mention by Robin.

I am certain this was not what Robin had intended when she wrote her post. She knew the good work these people had been doing but and all I can say about why she did it is that she did it out of the kindness in her heart, she did not want to affront or insult anyone by mentioning me (and some others) in that post.

Anonymous said...

I am LOST. is this THE RAMM posting here on your blog EASY?
The same RAMM that joined T4N and gets welcomed with open arms from others there?
Ramm.. how is your cat sweety?

Rammstein said...

yes, that Rammstein (the one and only one) and my cat Nicky is doing great

Anonymous said...

"I do believe gagirl's is well intentioned, in that she enthusiastically cares about what has happened to Natalee. She is, however, a terrible moderator as she (1) continues to lack the ability in distinguishing between appropriate and inappropriate; (2) seems far too angry by nature; and (3) seems to enjoy humiliating people. No one is perfect, we all have bad days but other than enthusiasm, she has proven to be an ill fit as moderator at BFN."

Oh puhleeez...gagirl is a puppet for Reality. She is so dumb she doesn't even realize he has been using her to win his lil game. Plus, he gets a lil action on the side. This is some seriously comical stuff.

Robin said...

Mike, I hope your blogsite will help Natalee. Dave and I are considering posting here once we find out why most everyone here other than my friend Gagirl posted as "anonymous" here. If there is anything Gagirl, Debbie, Ramm, Reality or MIP6 can do, let us know. They are all still heavily involved and trying to help, so if they can help here too, let me know and I will ask them. I hope we can all work together to get answers for Natalee!

Good luck Mike in your blogsite and I truly do mean that especially if you are trying to help Natalee!


Robin said...

If you want your forum to be fair and openminded, you need to let other views than your personal own be discussed too Mike.

Just my opinion. I hope others feel the same and will support this.


EasyWriter said...

Robin – Thank you for taking the time to read some of my blog and make comments. As always, my best wishes go out to you and Dave!

I have followed the tragedy of Natalee and Aruba’s reaction from the beginning and if I should learn anything at all I will share that information. But, my interests are varied and this blog is rather eclectic in its composition. I write about the things I see happening in life. That could be anything from the message boards I’ve dealt with in one way or another, the drab season 6 of American Idol, Anna Nicole Smith, or the changing weather. In other words, this blog is not dedicated to one topic. Of course, I would love to have yours and Dave’s comments, but I don’t want you to be confused about the intent of this blog.

As for comments, I allow any and all comments to be published unless people decide to make personal attacks against me and I get many of those. Allowing the comment section to fill with that garbage accomplishes nothing and it would be inflammatory. Just how many times do people need to read others opinions that I am an idiot? It doesn’t make for an interesting exchange and it only lowers the standard of tolerance. That sort of thing can be done on some of the message boards I have mentioned earlier. This isn’t the place for it.

Everyday I pray that your family will get the answers they need and justice will be served. Even though the news coming out of Aruba is next to nil at this time, I still hope something will break this case one day and I know that there are others in Aruba that very much feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

Robin, Why do you support a poster who has sexually harassed so many women at BFN?

Anonymous said...

Great job Easy. BFN is THE place to post if you like arguing. PM's CAN be read there by admin and another member I will not name. The Admin is not fair, she is an evil woman. She has her pets. Robin is a strange lady. She thinks the thugs are helping her but as we all know they're not.
I used to post on SM. It was a good place back then. I do not post anywhere now. I read all the blogs and you are right on about all of the ones that I personally know of, some I have not heard of. Lindsey

Anonymous said...

Robin, Why do you support a poster who has said bad things about Beth for two years now. You think he's helping you but he's not.
You think he's checking things out for you in Aruba but he's not.
He's drinking in his bar laughting at you. Sandra

mishy said...

Hmmmm, going to post about SM next time?

Take care Easy. I am enjoying your blog and I love reading what you have to say...

Anonymous said...

I feel like I'm in some sort of vortex reading Robin's comments. Does she really not see what sort of people she is relying on to "help" her find answers to Natalee's disappearance? They are some of the most deceitful people I have ever encountered. Their views aren't even the main problem, it's the behind the scenes games that are the problem, some of them being most tawdry.
Robin, do I need to sign this post to give it a voice? Shall I send pictures as well? Do I have to be clothed or unclothed?

Anonymous said...

Dear Robin

On August 21, 2006, when you submitted your first post to BFN ... you thanked gagirl, MIP6, Reality and Ramm for all they had done to uphold Natalee’s family and ... I was taken back. Robin, it was not because you had never thanked those on BFN who had respectfully upheld Natalee’s family through prayers, deeds and countless hours of research since the initial stages of the investigation. Although it would have been an appreciated gesture ...an unconditional labour of love is just that ... unconditional ... no thanks necessary. The documents that Debbie had forwarded to you and Dave represented the fruits of our labour ... they represented our sincere desire that justice would prevail for your precious step-daughter.

Robin, the feeling of betrayal stems from the knowledge that you were thanking those with an obvious Aruban agenda ... an agenda to distance Paulus and Joran from being implicated in the events that encompass the morning that Natalee went missing ... an agenda to uphold Aruba’s reputation as a tourist destination.

Robin, prior to your connection with Ramm, MIP6 and Reality, many of their submissions to BFN as well as various other Natalee sites, discredit Dave, Beth, Jug, Natalee, Mountain Brook students, the boycott, Americans and the American media while upholding Paulus, Joran, Julia Renfro, the investigation and the judges’ decisions in regards to the release of the main suspects.

Robin, I have in my possession a compilation of these past posts of Ramm, Reality and MIP6 in an easy-to-read format. I have been led to believe that you have received this document but ... if I am mistaken and ... you wish to be informed ... please feel free to contact me.

Janet AKA Tamikosmom

Anonymous said...

As if that was Robin that posted. But, heck! I got a bridge for sale ... cheap!

Do let me know when the check is in the mail!

Rammstein said...

Well, Janet AKA Tamikosmom

you seem to think I have wronged the family somewhere with my comments. Well why not let the people here read for themselves.

You could post mine here or at my own blog.

Feel free to do so.

EasyWriter said...

To Whom It May Concern:

Tone down the language a little. Making reference to “bitchcraft” is not a big deal, but calling someone a bitch is a little problematic. Express your opinions, but be conscience and respectful of the others that might read here.

Thank You,
- Mike -

Anonymous said...

Why do you let these people talk about Natalies family?

EasyWriter said...

Just as any other public media, blogs and message boards are fair game for criticism. There are undercurrents flowing through many of these message boards that have little, or nothing to do with Natalee Holloway. Don’t confuse these two very different things.

Natalee Holloway’s disappearance is a very compelling story and it has caused many people to rally around a call for justice. That endeavor is a noble one and deserves every possible analytical mind looking at the few facts that are known. Conversely, these other message board games are ridiculous and those that participate in the silliness should not invoke the name Natalee every time they try to belittle another human being’s thoughts and opinions.

If I understand your comment, you are concerned about some of the comments on this blog directed toward Robin Holloway. Comments are just comments and do not necessarily reflect my feelings, but that door was opened by Robin. She even went on to suggest that I open this blog up to a wider range of opinions. There are some comments I will not allow to pass through, but that is primarily due to the language used, or those that make another lame attempt to bash me. Believe it or not, there are people on some of these blogs that truly love bashing everything about me and they have not bothered to read one word I have written. Why in the world would I let some of that trash be posted on my own blog?

Robin’s comments did raise some interesting questions and I would love to know the answers to some of them just as much as others. There is a story in those Internet relationships somewhere that is extremely difficult to understand given the circumstances and the questions will just keep coming until a forthright, intelligible answer is given.

That’s just life!

- Mike -

Anonymous said...

This is what I have noticed from a poster named Rammstein. His favorite comment seems to be “there is no evidence to support that”. Well why isn't there any evidence? Because the Dutch and Aruban Government made sure to make any evidence disappear. He also says that is not the law. Well is it the law to obstruct justice. That is not the law but it seems that they let that one slip by.

There was a specific post made about Paulus Van der Sloot and there was an immediate response from Ramm saying that this was a lie. How would he know it was a lie when no one knows for sure? The post was made with the intention of drawing him out and low and behold guess who came out of lurking two minutes after the post was made. Yes that would be Ramm and Reality. They fell for it hook line and sinker and it proved to me I was right.

I want Justice and the truth and they want to discredit the truth.

Anonymous said...

In reference to the poster anon that said,"They fell for it hook line and sinker and it proved to me I was right."

Looks like he/she proved your point as well Mike, there are people that play games on the board, and I am glad the anon poster admitted it.

Anonymous said...

There is more than one anonymous poster and I would appreciate an answer as to why Robin supports the tawdry games played at BFN? Why does she support a poster who's main purpose is to troll for women?

Anonymous said...

Easy, that was not Robin Holloway that posted as Robin. Re-read the posts and ask yourself the most obvious question: how many message boards do you know Dave posts within?

EasyWriter said...

It is difficult to be 100% certain about anyone that posts across the internet. God knows we have seen that discussion play out many times in regards to the activities of Joran and the Kalpoe brothers! So, if it was not Robin, it was nice of her to let someone else use her computer.

Anonymous said...

To the Anon poster that posted this, I would appreciate an answer as to why Robin....(SSDD)

Why do you think Robin owes you or anyone else an answer? Perhaps if you concentrated less on what you think others are doing and more on trying to find answers to the real question of what happened to Natalee Holloway, you would probably find a lot more to occupy your time with. Last time I checked we still didn't have the answer to that very important question.Unless of course, you are here for other reasons?

Anonymous said...

I don't think anything, I know what is going on behind the scenes at BFN and so does Robin. I don't have to care about what happened to Natalee Holloway, the point is, I do care.

EasyWriter said...

No one owes anyone an explanation about what they do with their time, or whom they choose as friends. The problem is that a divide occurred and left some emotional wounds. Those wounds can be left to fester, or a few questions can be answered and the healing process begun.

- Mike -

Anonymous said...

I would like to comment on the poster who said I was playing a game.

I was not playing a game when I said "They fell for it hook line and sinker and it proved to me I was right." What I posted was bothering me for a while and I finally posted my thoughts on Scared Monkeys. I was a little hesitant to post on BFN because I new this particular poster would come on and say something about my post. So I said to myself let me post it and see if I am right. Well I was right because he jumped on it by saying I was lying. How would he know what I was saying was a lie. He has no inside knowledge to state it was a lie because we don't know if what I thought was true or not. I didn't consider what I posted to be fact and I said it in a way where it was not perceived to be a fact because I was unsure myself but to come out and say it's a lie was just wrong because he doesn't know whether it is a fact or not. What I said did draw him out and he confirmed my suspicions about him and he posted nothing to backup what he said was a lie.

I will continue to post at BFN and read what people have to say but I will be more careful about a few posters who felt were not telling the truth.

I also believe that Debbie has a tough job as moderator on BFN and from what I have seen she tries to be fair and that’s all you can ask for.

Easy/Mike, I would not play games on your blog nor any other blog because it gets us no where. I think you are doing a great job and I wish you continued success.

Anonymous said...

I owe you an apology EasyWriter. When I saw gagirl harassing you once again for your opinion it irked me and I brought up things that maybe I shouldn't have. I witnessed part of what you accuse gagirl of and I just do not understand why so many odd games are allowed to be played at a forum that is suppose to be for Natalee Holloway.
To the poster who said I should concentrate on Natalee Holloway, well that is why I went to BFN. Turns out I found a whole lot more than I bargained for at all of these NH forums. I'm older, wiser and not so naive anymore. I can also admit that I finally got mad at BFN's harassment/games and have said and done things I wish I had not.

EasyWriter said...

No apologies are necessary! This has been an interesting adventure for all of us and now after 22 months our sentiments are raw. Hopefully, we can all work it out together and get back on course.

EasyWriter said...

I realize “blogger” is sorely inadequate in the comment segment of their software, but would it be too much to ask that some of you use a name other than anonymous?

I don’t want to discourage anyone from expressing themselves, but it would be nice to affix a name (any name) with a comment. Just give it a little thought, if you don’t mind.

- Mike -

Truthful said...

Sure no problem Easy.

Reality said...

"Anonymous said...
This is what I have noticed from a poster named Rammstein. His favorite comment seems to be “there is no evidence to support that”. Well why isn't there any evidence? Because the Dutch and Aruban Government made sure to make any evidence disappear. He also says that is not the law. Well is it the law to obstruct justice. That is not the law but it seems that they let that one slip by.

There was a specific post made about Paulus Van der Sloot and there was an immediate response from Ramm saying that this was a lie. How would he know it was a lie when no one knows for sure? The post was made with the intention of drawing him out and low and behold guess who came out of lurking two minutes after the post was made. Yes that would be Ramm and Reality. They fell for it hook line and sinker and it proved to me I was right.

I want Justice and the truth and they want to discredit the truth."

Didn't you know that RAMM and I are Evil Twins and our soul-purpose in life is to wait for you to post so we can discredit you.
You are funny.

EasyWriter said...

I take it you are trying to make a point by using my SN to make this post. You make a pretty good one Oakland.

Believe me; if I had reason to doubt the origin of the comments that bother you, I would have said so. I would not be much of an Internet sleuth, if I didn’t bother to check things out, now would I?


"easywriter has left a new comment on your post "Pure Chat - Part V":

Unless someone has a google blog account and has posted in past, you do not know who is connected to any name.

Someone created the name Robin and made a lame attempt to impersonated Robin Holloway and you bought that hook, line and sinker.

Instead of asking for name, why don't you just assume names?"

Anonymous said...

Well guess what ... I am not in Oakland but 2 cities out. Funny how cable networks operate regionally.

If you would like, I can also post from a network I have access to in Philly.

I cannot track from my end but I can read. No one needs to be an "Internet sleuth" to apply logical deduction.

Won't cost you a thing to admit an "oops" during an ah-huh moment.

EasyWriter said...

I’m definitely having an “ah-huh” moment. lol

auntcindy said...

I just find this situation here incredible. I read how some folks just don’t understand Robin and ask a lot of stupid questions as to how she could befriend folks on BFN. Then, she comes here to speak to you folks and all you can do is criticize and carry on about the fact that it was not her. Now, I know it was Robin but then again, I’m sure you would not believe me either. So, with that said….it looks like you might have missed your chance AGAIN to have a conversation with Robin…which seems to be some kind of goal for some of you folks.

In regard to BFN, let me just say this….I have a lot of very fine friends there. It is just like any other blog. There are posters who I do not agree with and posters that I do. There have not been many moderators out there that have put up with as much garbage as Debbie has and by golly, she is still plugging away. Here, Easywriter screens the posts before he allows them in. Now, just think about how HIS blog would be if he didn’t do that….if he did what DEBBIE is doing. Go ahead and bash away, but have you noticed that at least there is conversation about the case on BFN? So far, I have not seen much of it here. What I see is folks looking for a way to discredit people who they don’t even know. Furthermore, if you want to talk about people leaving a forum or being banned….let me just tell you this….I have been banned from a forum, which Easywriter used to post on constantly, and I have not even made a post there in over 6 months. Want to explain what that is about?

Just so I understand your intentions with this site….is it strictly to undermine and discuss other blogs? Is it because your opinions were not accepted on them or maybe it was because of the way your posts were written? Just trying to figure out your agenda. Just so you know, if your agenda is to discuss and dissect other blogs….good luck. Just remember, EVERYONE has an opinion and just because their opinions do not agree with yours, does not mean you are RIGHT!

Now, I will be surprised if you actually accept my post in its entirety and post it….THAT would certainly give you something to write about.

The name of your blog is “Connecting the Dots”. Want to explain which DOTS you are trying to connect?

EasyWriter said...

You have obviously not even taken the time to read through my blog. I write about anything and everything I see or read about happening around me. Of course, it has my slant on the topics I choose to explore. This isn’t the Associated Press! It is an opinionated blog written by a guy with an opinion. Except for the occasional filler, I do not cut and paste news articles from MSM. My posts are written by me and based upon what I have learned from a variety of sources.

If you will bother to scroll through some of my posts, you will see that this is not a web site dedicated to any one person, or topic. My look at the various message boards was prompted by an email discussion I was having with a friend. She then urged me to write something about the experience, which I did. That topic stirred some interest and received a few comments. Many people still have bad feelings about what transpired at BFN and they wanted to get it off their chest. I have no problem with that as long as the comments remain within certain standards of decency.

The name of the blog is generic and reflects my desire to make sense out of the senseless. In case you haven’t noticed, this little blog is void of the constant barrage of advertising many others have. It also does not incorporate the name of any victims into its nomenclature.

Auntcindy, sit down, kick off your shoes, open your eyes and read until your hearts content, but chill with the pent up anger you seem to be holding. If you should post another comment that attempts to cast some strange, implied meaning to my purpose, it will not make it past moderation.

auntcindy said...

I have sat down and read through this blog….I will admit, I have not read EVERY word. In every chat category, I see discussion about other forums. You have, from what I can see, five threads, which do not have much to do about another forum, but one of them is about Jossy, which seems relative to Natalee Holloway. You have five threads which all you do is talk about other forums, which seem to have at least a connection to the Natalee Holloway case. Now, with that said, take a look at the threads where you have the most comment. I think that will speak for itself.

In your comment back to me you stated, “The name of the blog is generic and reflects my desire to make sense out of the senseless.” If it is generic and that was your initial intention, it certainly has taken on a life of it’s own because for a new reader, it does not look that way.

You also stated, “Many people still have bad feelings about what transpired at BFN and they wanted to get it off their chest.” To this comment, let me state, it is my opinion that BFN has turned into a site for the family and THAT is why some things happened the way that they did. I am not a moderator and do not know everything that goes on behind the scenes, but you…Easywriter…will find out that there are just some things you can’t let continue. Maybe this will be one of those posts. But, be careful because you will be doing the same thing Debbie has had to do.

EasyWriter said...

I started this blog on February 2, 2007 as a test, because I was asked to contribute to another blog and the owners of that blog were having formatting problems. The only way I could learn the inner-workings of blogs was to create one and explore the various templates and help screens provided. In my haste to get some feedback about the overall look and content of the blog I mentioned it to a friend and asked for her input. She posted a link on another forum and that action (though very innocent) caused a rift between me and the other bloggers. Since that time I have abandoned the other message board and have no contact with them whatsoever.

As of today I have made 22 entries on this blog and some of those do pertain to the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. When and if I get other news, or confirmation about some things I’ve been looking at for some time, I will post that information. Otherwise, I will continue to post about whatever grabs my attention from one day to the next. In fact, I might even start a fiction series about a very old Mulberry tree one of these days. lol

There are many, many message boards out there that devote a good bit of their time to the Natalee Holloway case. I venture to speculate that one could find a board tailored to almost every mindset that has shown an interest in the case. So, I don’t think another one is needed and that is not what this blog is about. With that said, I do have a few good contacts that keep me informed about what is happening with the Holloway investigation. Some of those things are confidential at this time, but if I should get the nod to release the info, I will.

klaasend said...

This is a BLOG, it is not a discussion forum. Easywriter has every right to post his views as that's what a BLOG is for.

EASY, I am enjoying reading your blog. You do have a way with words.

EasyWriter said...

Auntcindy – In your last comment you made this statement among many others, “I am not a moderator and do not know everything that goes on behind the scenes, but you…Easywriter…will find out that there are just some things you can’t let continue.”

That is an interesting comment, because some very tasteless things are left to continue and continue they do. Some of us would honestly like to know the reality behind much of the nonsense. That is a fair and legitimate question!

EasyWriter said...

Thanks Klaas!

Some just don't get it and some never will.......

Anonymous said...

great job Mike, I know some can't distance enough to endure some healthy examination of motives around the forums but I think you've been more than fair in your examination of them - and accurate!

Carry on !!!

Grande said...

When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends.

Anonymous said...

Interesting! What do you really think is going on behind the scenes at BFN?

EasyWriter said...

Something goes on behind the scenes at the majority of these message boards, or discussion forums. BFN is most mysterious, because its purpose is less clear than many of the others. One particular troll on that board has come and gone at least a dozen times since I first started reading there. He/she/it always comes back and usually re-starts his post count at zero. Only one thing certain about that situation and that is if you challenge his arrogant, nonsense it will be you getting the boot not him! That can also be said about one of the hand-picked moderators as well. The “look-a-like” model has the run of the place and a more appropriate label for her would be an “instigator” rather than a “moderator.”

Just my opinion, but that board is more about stroking the administrators ego than seeking truth.

Anonymous said...

They think it's funny to beat up on posters at BFN. They take your posts from the open board and pass them around in the PM system ridiculing them. Those who post in the prayer threads are a favorite target of this particular game.
I can't post at BFN without gagirl stalking my posts, making snide remarks and editing them.

Anonymous said...

Easywriter, I once rolled my eyes at your accusations, but I now know they are correct. There is proof of the pms being read. There are numerous nics for select members and you can never be certain who you are talking to. We all need to see the unhealthy and sad situation between a certain threesome for what it is. Why would two grown men be so enamoured with a housewife that spends most of her time online? Can they not get any action other than that? And just what sort of action are they getting that causes them to call her gorgeous and beautiful every other post? I'll leave that to your imagination. Sadder still is that these 3 social misfits are allowed to bully anyone who has a different opinion. The saddest part of all is that Robin is a victim of their manipulating behavior.
To whoever criticized the comments here being made anonymously- think, why would we dare share our name so that you could rip us apart? You've done enough damage. Someone mature and responsible needs to take over BFN.

auntcindy said...

Easywriter, this is something I posted at BFN on March 12th. It was posted under a thread called, Where Does The Hate Stop! I hope you share it with your readers, TIA!

Re: Where does the Hate Stop?
« Reply #83 on: March 12, 2007, 07:17:02 AM »

I have somthing to say to BFN AND all the other blog posters that come to this site!

HATE is an awful word and can attack your very being. People become ill because of it. When I think about Natalee, that is one word that does not come to my mind.

I have some very dear friends here on BFN and have come to know other posters on other blogs. Please know that when I am in contact with these acquaintances, I have found that for the most part, they just want answers just like the members here on BFN. One way or another.....they just want answers.

Now, with that said, this is how I see the situation at hand. At the beginning of Nat's disappearance (almost 2 years ago), there were folks who came to know this case and sat down at their computer horrified that this beautiful girl came missing in another country. For alot of us, Nat's case might have been the first time getting involved on the internet to the extent that we are now. We sat here and read interviews, watched TV, talked to each other....sometimes received information before it was reported on news. We felt INFORMED. I don't know about alot of you, but my first thoughts were....WHAT IS WRONG WITH ARUBA! It is a small island, how could this have happened? Where were the police? What is wrong with the people who live there....why did they vote in the same government a few months after Nat went missing when that system does not seem to work? I was horrified and that is when the hate started in me. Since that time, I have learned ALOT. Rammstein has been a wealth of information, he taught me a few things about Aruba and that hate started to disappear (in regards to the people who live in Aruba). I tried to become informed. I don't hate the people of Aruba....what was I thinking. Most of the folks there live their lives just like we do....trying to make a living and raise their children with love and respect for others. Is it a different culture...you bet it is, but that does not mean we are right and they are wrong...it just is what it is.

There are folks who felt the same as I did in the beginning of this case. There are folks who felt the opposite, maybe alot who lived in Aruba and watching their country bashed did not sit well with them. This is a human emotion which we ALL feel. I know I get upset when the US of A is bashed, why wouldn't they feel the same. There are some folks who started in Nat's case being Pro-Holloway/Twitty and Anti-J2K because of the way this case has been handled by the ALE. There are folks who started this case being Pro-J2K and Anti-Holloway/Twitty because of the way their country was treated. Since that time, some of those folks have made a switch and feel differently. Maybe it is because they became more informed. One of my question to posters is, why do you think that after all this time and knowledge people have gained on Nat's case that there would NOT be folks who have changed their minds. I know some of the posts I made early in this case do not reflect my opinions now. Regardless of where we were then, we are all here still plugging away trying to find out what happened.

I see people on other sites who have nothing better to do with their lives, trying to discredit others who have worked hard for Nat's family. Is it because there is no news? Is it because there are people who have a different opinion than yours? Why is it that it makes people feel good to discredit and be negative towards others. When we all stop and think about these sites and we think about our make-up and how we were raised, is that a virtue that was instilled in you early in your life? I think not. Please know, I understand human nature....I have found myself very ticked because of posts that I have read, but hey....that poster has a right just like I do. I don't have to like it and if it is not putting another poster or family member down and it is a discussion regarding Nat's case...what is the harm?

In regards to Nat's family and the J2K family members, these are my thoughts. We have come to BFN to discuss Nat's disappearance and all we have is information and suspects that the ALE have found and interviewed. There is no evidence that anyone else is involved so when we discuss Nat's case, we discuss what we know from Aruba. They have found nothing else....so this is what we have. That is why there are negative feelings in regards to J2K. In regards to the Holloway/Twitty family members, I think they were given false information in regards to Nat's disappearance and when they had a microphone stuck in their face, 24/7 some of that information was then passed on. I know that it was probably important for them to have this media coverage as that is something that seems to help find lost people...the more the victim's face is put out there, the better chance of that person being found. I applaud Nat's family...I know this has been difficult and things were not perfect in this investigation....but like I have said before, there certainly is not an instruction book for this type of situation, is there!

One of the most wonderful thing about the internet is that people from all over this world can participate. But, ALL of us HAVE to open our hearts and minds to other cultures as NONE of us are the same...it would be a horrible world if we were. I must say, I certainly have learned alot during Nat's disappearance....some good, some bad....but I am certainly aware of my shortcomings and am trying to remember the person I was before Nat went missing. We don't have to like each other, but we could show tolerence and try to understand why people feel the way they do.

EasyWriter said...

Auntcindy - I commented on your post in the "Addendum" thread.

Anonymous said...

Important words AC, but it does not excuse poor management. No one wants to work for a boss that bullies, has public affairs, and only hears her own opinions. We need to stand up for what is right, and enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

re.Why would two grown men be so enamoured with a housewife that spends most of her time online?

They are using her and one day she will find that out. By then she may not have any more dignity.

Mitral Valve said...

Hi, I am new here! I see there is a lot of going on about Gagirl, Reality, others and the do´s and dont´s on BFN.

I just would like to say what I think:

1) I think it is very nice Robin connects to BFN. We are there to support the family. For that reason we should not focus too much on personal differences, in character and background.

2)I think we should applaud Debbie for her constant support and effort. Refering to the issue of "who can we trust", I must say I trust her completely.

3)Rammstein seems to me trustworthy as well. I have the privilege to communicate with him in our mother tongue, Dutch, and that certainly gives you a clue.

4) I have my questions about who the other moderators are. To me it seems some of them have gotten into an unhealty relationship with other board members. I read in the comments here "Robin, why do you trust a man who attacks women" , or words of that kind, and if this particular man is the one I think you mean, let me put you down to earth: he tried to flatter me by private mail as well, so I am very realitisc about it, every blog seems to have their own casanova. I don´t see the problem with it, I blocked him and my life is quiet now.

5) I find the Holland and Aruba bashing pretty annoying. What disturbs me even more is the strong sense of American superiority among some people. "Holland is a snake pit, we never should have fried Europe during WW II, just as Jesus, our troops saved the world and sacrifed their lives". It is quite something. I wonder what Freud would have said about this.

6) Back to the moderators, some of them are selective in their management of deleting. I guess this goes for most blogs, but I have the feeling this has become worse over the last 6 months. I also know some of them are not the person they say they are and/or use double identities. That´s fine with me either. That is the risk of cyber space.

7) I hope the family will get closure soon. I am thinking about Robin´s words about "the end of May". Let ´s hope their questions will be answered.

Anonymous said...

I read in the comments here "Robin, why do you trust a man who attacks women" , or words of that kind, and if this particular man is the one I think you mean, let me put you down to earth: he tried to flatter me by private mail as well, so I am very realitisc about it, every blog seems to have their own casanova. I don´t see the problem with it, I blocked him and my life is quiet now.

I was never away from Earth and I have every right to question why Debbie and Robin allow this man to seduce and exploit women, one being her own Mod.

EasyWriter said...

There is no doubt that the Natalee Holloway story has been a heartbreaking one that has stirred some deep emotions in many people. When there is plenty of news coming in about the case, things seem to flow pretty smoothly. As soon as the news dries up people begin to drift toward more analyzing personal beliefs, which can turn into perceived attacks.

Personally, I am not a big fan of the Netherlands; because I do not care for many of the liberal policies the country has concerning things I feel are very damaging to the development of one’s character. That does not mean that I have a wholesale dislike for the country’s people. I could say the same thing about Aruba. I think it was once a beautiful little Caribbean island, but rapid growth and illegal immigrants have changed the whole personality of the island. ALE also failed miserably with the investigation into Natalee’s disappearance. That stupidity has greatly harmed the image of the island.

I also think Aruban politicians leaned heavily upon an American media company and they were given some very poor advice. Instead of trying to inhibit the flow of information, the best thing they could have done would have been to give regular, official press conferences. They should have also taken great care to efficiently and expeditiously keep Natalee’s family informed.

That is all spilt milk now. Now we must concentrate on ways to get those that are willing to ask questions in Aruba.

What happened to Natalee and Why did the investigation go so wrong??????

Anonymous said...

I was never away from Earth and I have every right to question why Debbie and Robin allow this man to seduce and exploit women, one being her own Mod.

It seems this forum has opened a therapy session for something very necessary. I am curious just how far this went and with how many.

LouiseVargas said...

Dear Easy,
Scared Monkeys is my first message board experience. I'm registered at BFN but have never posted anywhere other than SM.
I agree all message boards are made up of a cross-section of humanity discussing one topic or another. I also agree the boards flow very well when information is coming in because there's lots to discuss.
I was amazed so many "like minded" individuals came together for the sake of Natalee.
When the news of Natalee started to dry up, I found this group of amazing like minded individuals generally were not like minded at all. Not everyone but a lot of people.
What I see now is personal attacks, ego posts, criticism, fights, rudeness amd downright nastiness.
So the bottom line is that we all can agree about getting justice for Natalee, that's about all we can agree on.
All my best to you, Easy.

EasyWriter said...

Thank you for the comments Louise. Nice of you to drop by my blog.

The Internet can be a long and lonesome highway that leaves you on the side of the road wondering why… I’ve traveled the road a few too many times and my objectivity has been skewed. Things go on behind the scenes that seem inexplicable. Why do some board administrators allow the constant barrage of pornography to be sent across their message boards? I have no earthly idea, but let’s talk about it and see what we learn.

BTGirl said...

Easy, I'm glad you started this discussion. I've certainly learned a lot about some of the forums that I never knew before.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand some of the anomosity I read about Rammstein, a poster from BFN. I can't stand Reality, he's nothing but a rude jerk with his own agenda, but Rammstein seems sincerely to want to help and support Natalee's family. He has faith in the Dutch legal system, and refuses to lump the Holland in with Aruba, but I can't really blame him for that. He recognizes the problems with the ALE, but wants to believe the Dutch can solve the case. Maybe he's right, who knows. I believe the ALE are corrupt, but maybe the legal system in Holland will eventually prove its worth. Anyway, I'm as pro-family as they come, some of the hateful things I see on the internet written about Beth make me sick, and I can't even stand to read at the RU or FOB boards,which seem to be populated primarily by soulless creatures who take extreme pleasure in the misery of a mother who has lost her daughter. But Rammstein seems okay to me.

EasyWriter said...

Thanks for the hello!


I hope I don't get the deamon again.Just saying hello and I enjoy connecting the dots.CAT

Anonymous said...

Okay, you could be right about Ramm, I don't read everyday and don't see everything everyone posts. I just haven't seen it.

Trey said...

BFN has become one of the saddest little tomes in cyberspace. A good cause gone completely mad.
One of the mods has 3 playmates who have followed her all over the web because she once made a shoddy attempt at modeling. We men are such suckers for a little skin. The aging NEVER-WAS is getting carried away with her role as queen there. Wouldn't want to mention names, so I'll call her "Doris." Doris shares old modeling photos of herself with the motley crew and since they apparently never had a girl in a bikini speak to them before, they are now bewitched. They must have slim pickings where they live, because there are lovelier girls at my local petrol station. Heck, my 55 yr old wife is hotter.
You would have thought "Doris'" ability to control an entire blog would have diminished by now, but in fact her lynch mob has secured the site for her. No one is off limits for their attacks. The content of their attacks will be unsuitable for... well, anyone really. So if you want to enter into the twilight zone, do so at your own risk. Sad to see such a good intention for a missing person go south all because of a warped lust quadrangle.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of things said here that simply needed to be said but is it too much to ask for a more indepth look at the agendas and inputs of the not-so-many handful who ruined BFN? My starting place would be:

1. Reality
2. Mitral Valve
3. Gagirl
4. Happy (and all his other SN)
5. Earl
6. Gagirl

And of course

7. Debbie's Reaction (or lack thereof) To All Of Them

And why stop there. I'd love to see replies on any of the following too:

1. Continuous pleas for money to pay for Tim Miller's hoped-for search efforts when there is every reason to believe Beth HAS the money to fund it?
2. On going discussion seeking media attention on the corruption of the case all the way until the day they were handed that exact opportunity which was then ignored?
3. Despite knowing Robin was being trashed on Michelle's site, Beth did not bother to even once, stand up for her to indicate the bashing was not with her blessings as was being insinuated?

I understand if don't post this EasyW but I feel better for finally putting it somewhere. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow Easy!!!
This is better than a soap opera!!! Thanks for the entertainment!! You know I am a proud Monkey!! Love your new blog too...what a phenominal way you have w/ words!! So glad you now have an outlet for your intelligence, wit, wisdom and way with words!!
Klaas is A-#1, thank goodness we don't have to deal w/ the moderator 'drama" as some other blogs do!! I do read at BFN, although I have never posted. I go there mainly because of Grannytoad...she is just an endless supply of facts and knowledge on the case!! LOVE seeing her posts, I learn something new everytime I read them. It is really sad though to see how the members at BFN have digressed from the original intent of the blog. We have our spats at SM, but that is to be expected with the emotion that is invested in Natalee and finding justice for her. On the other hand, though there are many times I have wanted to log on and ask Granny a question or to clarify further on a point she has made, to be honest, alot of those people scare the living daylights out of me and so I don't. That's my opinion as an "outsider".
Keep up the great work Easy...LOVE coming here to see what you have to talk about!!

Anonymous said...

Glad Im not the only one who misspells demon. (snicker snicker)

Anonymous said...

It seems this forum has opened a therapy session for something very necessary. I am curious just how far this went and with how many.

March 16, 2007 6:50 PM

I wouldnt call it therapy, I'd say its more that Im no longer afraid to tell what I saw at BFN. The games these peole play are just wrong and has done nothing to help the family. If anything, it has hindered the support Natalee's family deserves. Look at the divide these games have caused and that divide started way back in Dec. 2005.

Steve Huff said...

While I would certainly cop to having an ego, I lost interest in being part of "Blogs for Natalee" because the Natalee Holloway disappearance reached full saturation in the mainstream media. Hell, it was like a diaper on a baby that needed changing about three bms ago. Saturation was reached and then the spillage began.

I saw no point after a while in blogging about the case. Because of the constant coverage by bloggers and the msm, and because I had an instinctive feeling that the story would never be fully resolved. So far, I've been right about that. Hits didn't matter to me after a while; I just felt one could only pick over the minutiae so long and then going further was forcing the issue.

The other bloggers initially involved were good guys. While not a liberal, I'm usually to the left of all of them, but that had no relation to my not blogging anymore for BFN, and neither did the Crime Library gig. I have no doubt that what happened to Natalee Holloway was a terrible tragedy, and I have no doubt that the people who know what happened are happily walking around on Aruba and in The Netherlands right now. But I also have no doubt that all the blogging or message board posting in the world will not add any more to what we know about that night in May. If I'd been a family member of Natalee's I doubt I'd give up, but as a blogger, I simply had go fry other fish.

This was a nicely-written blog post, and informative. Thanks.

EasyWriter said...

Thanks for the input Steve. It does appear that you were right about some of your predictions. I used to hope that someone would come forward with inside information, but that is very doubtful this many months later.

It will take someone on the inside willing, or wanting to talk to make a difference. All the rest of us can do is speculate and complain about the inadequacies of the original investigation.

Anonymous said...

Easy, it was repeatedly "suggested" that the family or moderators / administrators begin to open threads that would have provided a platform to make good use of the devoted, active, member's research and organizational skills INSTEAD of allowing the forum to digress into a feeding frenzy of the loud (and in ONE case perverted).

The ideas ranged from threads on real Safe Travel with ideas, insights, etc (for Beth) - to - ideas about how loved ones can or should respond to a missing loved one, etc (for Dave).

The point was that Natalee's disappearance had attracted and seasoned a large group of like-minded, helpful, involved, informed individuals who (apparently) had the time, talent and inclination to Make A Difference.

Unfortunately (IMO) that "point" was missed and the feeding commenced.

EasyWriter said...

I do realize that there were many good, dedicated people posting at BFN. That was lost on those in charge at the place. The desire to protect the inane, asinine behavior of a few took precedence over all else.

I remember opening a PM at BFN and some of the most obscene pornography imaginable came popping up on my monitor. As I quickly deleted the garbage, I kept thinking how grateful I was that I was not at work, when I opened that one. Such things showing up in my internet history at work could create serious problems. Nothing was done about that onslaught though and it really started to open my eyes about BFN.

Someone or something is very, very mixed up at that one.

Mitral Valve said...

are you sure it was not from outside? i saw a lot of spam, including pornography over the year.

Anonymous said...

Good job mike. I see a pattern merging and has been for sometime. Seems like they are trying to pump people who are in totally in control of what they are doing and saying over there on the fore mentioned (bfn) blog. I may just start reading all the dot connections here for I sure am having a time connecting from there any more. blue

Anonymous said...

The sorry little group is all alone now. Robin and her social misfits who cling to her out of a perverse need to be close to a victims family... Gagirl, Reality, MIP, Debbie, and a few clingers: aunt cindy, linda, etc. While they harp it is for Natalee, it is merely a pathetic clique with personal agendas. The group refuses to recognize the consequences of their destructive behavior, preferring to play victims instead. None of them are noble enough to apologize for their actions. Instead, they blame the rest of us and alienate themselves further. They desperately cling to their demented internet power play and push away hundreds of helpful people. The game is over. They believe they are the only ones who can bring Natalee home. Very sad for them.

Anonymous said...

It is getting to be a pity party for the wrong victim(s.) It is like being in a never ending soap opera with a bunch of women who are, for the life of me, trying to out-victim the victim (NH) there.

Anonymous said...

And nothing changes! Everyone's comments should be welcome. That was the whole problem with ALL the Natalee Holloway boards. People were silenced and gagged, if the "powers that be" didn't like what they had to say. People with open minds should not have felt threatened by folks who felt other then they felt. But alas, such is the way of forum clicks!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had read this a year ago. Oh, how I wish.

Your comment at March 9 at 8:19 p.m. is beautiful. It has helped restore a little of what has been hacked away by vicious "sleuthers" on these gossip monger sites. Why have these boards not improved in the past 5 years? I am completely fascinated with this phenomenon. And then i remember. . . This is nothing new. Just school yard bullies that have aged into grown up bullies with their taunts broadcasted over the world.