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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Pure Chat - An Intermission

Anatomy of a Message Board

For amusement I visited a few of the forums I’ve mentioned and read some of the responses. Most of them are along these lines, “Who is that idiot” “What does that idiot know?” “What an idiot!” yada, yada, yada…… Extremely classy reactions coming from some of those that were offended by my words. Why am I not surprised?

Of course, none of them recognize themselves in my descriptions and draw into question the accuracy of my observations. Some even go so far as to give out definitions of the words fact and factual. In their opinion my representation can not be factual, because they disagree with my assertions. Besides what business does an idiot have questioning those that are such staunch supporters of freedom of speech?

For some reason the reactions reminded me of the old joke about the senior citizen that was driving home from a store one day, when his wife called him on his cell phone and told him to be careful. She had just heard on the news that a car was traveling down the highway in the wrong direction. The old man said, “A car? There must be a hundred of them!”

Some people just do not recognize the obvious and think it must always be the other guy that has the problem.

For those of you that have already begun to deduce that some nefarious conspiracy must be in play, think a little harder. If my mentioning The Clue Bus in a comment makes me some type of long-term member of that board in your opinion, you should really sharpen your detective skills. Here is a super secret clue for you: I own this blog and all that comes with it……..

Some of you have asked me when I will continue my message board critique. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, Part IV will be published tomorrow, March 7, 2007.

Thank You for the Interest!


ViVi said...

At Freebird we posted a copy of some of your critique and for the most part, posters agreed with your take. We're looking forward to seeing what you have to say about SM and BFN.


EasyWriter said...

You do realize that since your board has now been mentioned on this obscure blog, that it will be assumed that I am connected in some way to Freebirds? According to a few, nothing can be as simple as it appears in this cyber world. lol

ViVi said...

Yes, of course I realize that and I'm hunkered down for the fallout.

BTW- not that anyone will believe this :) but I was sent a link to your blog and a copy of part of one of your blog critiques by another NH poster who happens to share my views (and apparently shares yours as well). When he sent it to me he said nothing other than "interesting read."

I like your critiques and part of what keeps me hooked on the NH boards is the dynamics of the conspiracy theorists and the disproportionate numbers of extreme opinions... the ability to completely suspend logic in favor of some outlandish theory, the unbridled "hate" that you mentioned and my ongoing internal query as to what drives that kind of behavior.

Very interesting...


apodixis said...

It is also being discussed in the “They are talking about us” thread in the Refugees pub forum :


Come over and join us for the civil, intelligent and informative discussion there.

WorldJOURNIER said...

Thank You, Easywriter Mike, for linking yesterday to the Natalee Holloway timeline.

Write On!!

The Natalee Holloway Timeline Detailing Persons, Known Crimes Suspects & Outright Lies


Anonymous said...

Mike- good job. You really hit the essence of the boards right on the head. I really loved the 'Donner Party' comment, I got a huge laff outta that one.
Keep up the good work...

Just for the record- Mike is not a Freebird.