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Monday, April 16, 2007

"You Can’t Handle the Truth"

A Few Answers

Earlier a rather lengthy comment was posted that attempted to push a few myths and lies to the forefront. That is a typical reaction coming from a certain group of like minded people. None of it is surprising or even titillating at this juncture. It’s merely the same song and the same dance. If any legitimate news breaks the silence, some of these people go back through archives and start pulling up old, senseless posts that degrade the victim’s family. Why they are proud of some of that garbage is beyond my imagination, but I have seen it happen over and over again just like clockwork.

Today a person posting from Utrecht, Netherlands, and portraying himself as an Aruban, again began the attack. No, he did not defend the actions of his beloved MEP party. He dragged up old rumors about the messenger, Jossy Mansur. This is a typical low-browed tactic used by those that have no defense nor the intellectual capacity to put forth a reasonable argument. In their ignorance they think they may accomplish something by throwing dirt in someone’s eyes and then kicking them in the crotch while they are blinded. I’ve been around a little too long to buy into that sort of BS, so I do my own research and ask questions of those in the know.

Jossy Mansur answered a few of the claims made by the anonymous propagandist and the highlights are as follows:

(Commentor; Jossy Response)

You know what is funny, the same Editorial he claims to have given to you in English is different from what he printed today in his News Paper. (It is interesting that he would attack the authors original words by claiming the author's translation differed)

The editorial is an exact translation of the one in Papiamento. Perhaps that man just doesn't understand the language or wants to be cute!

And that story of where he was borned and which year he came to Aruba I don't believe it because last year or two years ago he was on a TV-show called "Un dia den bida"(a day in the life), where he told a completely different story of his past (Now I'm not saying I'm right on this so I'm just saying that according to MY OPINION he said something different). (Now he is telling the man that he is wrong about where he was born and his historical accounting of his family's migration to Aruba)

Just the same thing of the same garbage bin. I was born in Aruba in 1934. I didn't come here during the past few years.

When he was told to start paying his backed-up taxes (which run in the millions)and stop looking for loop holes to not pay taxes and started acusing him of Fraude in the Aruban Bank (Interbank)that went Bankrupt (where he was a partial owner if not THE owner)is when his love for the actual government turned from love to just pure hate.

As for taxes, my lawyers and Fiscal Jurists have presented a claim in Court of 7.2 million the government owes me, not vice-versa! People like him just want to twist things to their convenience and slander campaigns. The Courts have not yet given a sentence in that case, but I am confident I will win because the truth (once more!) is on our side.

I was never involved with the Interbank, and it is the MEP government that purchased that bank from the owners, with an excess paid of close to 90 million guilders, most of which went into some private "pockets"!

I’m not going to inflict anymore of this nonsense upon Jossy Mansur. He deserves better and I think the point has been made. Some will continue to grab onto unfounded rumors and do their best to make them appear real. There is nothing that will change their little minds and the facts will be ignored. In a few weeks or months the same tired rumors will once again be repeated as facts, because these people have no interest in the truth. They just want to propagate their skewed opinions about things for which they know nothing.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again Jossy and Easy. You both are the best about getting the truth.

It just looks like the same old , same old that the Holloways and Twitty's have been through in there search for Natalee. That is why the jerks try to discredit Jossy . It is because he searches for the truth.JMHO

SM Sam

Anonymous said...

Well Done Gentlemen, Well Done!


WTF said...

Very nice of you to answer this anonymous person's questions. DO you get to ask him a few quesions now?

Anonymous said...
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EasyWriter said...

Utrecht - If you would like to share some information about yourself, I might consider re-posting your comment. Otherwise, my patience has worn thin with your inflammatory accusations and I am not going to give you a platform to spew anymore of the BS.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mike Placid, the post was only for yourself. As so was my previous one were you went to Jossy and asked him if all was true. Whether it gets posted or not is not my problem. Just want to let YOU know that it's not what Jossy tells you is fact. He is a Tyrant and you should know that!

Anonymous said...

I will take the word of Jossy Mansur over Nelson Oduber's any day. Anonymous is obviously angry with a little word called truth.

Great job Easy and thanks.


WTF said...

Jossy wants a honest Government who doesnt cover up murders,rape,bribe and eliminate all that oppose them. He has proven he is exactly what he claims.

Hey what ever happened to the suspect that questioned 5 times in regards to Natalee's dissapearance?? You know..The one that ran off to Utrecht after he just bought a new car and missed his graduation..Yes the same fellow that had deep scratches on his face as reported by 5 witnesses the day after Natalee Holloway's dissapearance.

EasyWriter said...

Jossy Mansur has always been very straight forward with me about many things, including personal things that have happened to him over the years. I have found him to be a compassionate man, but not a weak person. He has a belief system and he is willing to fight for that belief.

This blog is not here to drag Jossy Mansur over the coals and his personal life has nothing to do with the primary issues. He has answered some of these questions, because I asked him to and as a friend he did so. That’s enough of that! Let’s get back to the real issues, such as what happened to Natalee Holloway and why the case was never resolved. Let’s take a look at the political party in power in Aruba and its open allegiance to Hugo Chavez. These things are of importance to many people. Jossy Mansur did not create either situation, so repeating the same old rumors about him does not change a damn thing!

When and if Jossy ever wants to tell his complete story, he knows it would be welcomed here and that he would have a sure audience. However, his biography is his business and has nothing to do with his reporting the news as it comes out of Aruba.

BTGirl said...

That is very well said, Easy! All the focus on Jossy seems like an anonymous person's attempt to sidetrack our thoughts from the real issue - crime and corruption on Aruba.