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Friday, April 6, 2007

Ulterior Motives?

Frenzy of the Bottom-feeders

Recently some questionable documents were posted on a discussion forum that put prime suspect Joran Van Der Sloot in a bad light. Whereas the ramblings did not reveal anything alarming, those words did confirm many of the inconsistencies in his many stories about the night he lured Natalee Holloway away from a tourist trap on the island of Aruba. This would probably have been a non-issue, if it were not for the stir it caused across several message boards.

Questions poured in about the origin of the files, the person that posted them and the motives behind doing so, but little was said about the actual content. The owner of that board, a Dutch born Van Der Sloot sympathizer that benefits from all things American, was even queried about why he would allow the post to stand for as long as it did. The answers to those questions were nebulous at best and evasive on average.

What I found to be most interesting about the whole incident was the ensuing “damage control” that was lamely attempted by the board’s owner. A very amateurish campaign of propaganda was instigated by the usual reprobates and applauded by this so-called attorney from the land of windmills.

The script could have been written by Deepak Kalpoe. Every effort was made to cast a disparaging light upon the victim, the victim’s family, the United States and the state of Alabama. The archives of some rather notorious internet mental wards were scoured for old posts that would conjure an inappropriate picture of a missing (presumed dead) girl that tragically disappeared after a short trip to One Happy Island.

Thread after thread was started and old messages were cut and pasted one after another. These unfounded slanders came from some of the most twisted personalities lurking about the internet, hiding behind anonymity. These people hate for the sake of hatred and they scrape the bottom of the barrel when expressing their hatred for anything and everything to do with Natalee Holloway’s life.

One must ask just who orchestrated this ludicrous attempt to once again shift attention away from the primary suspects in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. Junior claims to be in constant contact with the Van Der Sloots. So, was this another lesson on criminal law (Dutch style) given by Paulus Van Der Sloot, or was the Dutch notary left to his own devices to dream this hypocrisy up all by his little lonesome?

If the Van Der Sloots were not encased in a thick coat of Teflon, their associations with the likes of these people would have been enough to land them in jail.


Anonymous said...

Great post Easy!!
So glad you've brought attention to the destructive propaganda campaign Natalee's Family has had to endure from day one...and continues to endure!! I hope most people see it for what it is by now though...smoke and mirrors.

EasyWriter said...

stlou - That has always been one of the most detestable things about the attention this case has received. The damndest things can crawl from beneath rocks, spit, spew and disgrace the term human being.

I can’t help but wonder if those that are actually around them each day realize just how sick and depraved these people are when hiding behind a monitor.

EasyWriter said...

I’m knocking on your door! Anybody home?

Anonymous said...

It is possible the only purpose of this being put on the Internet might be over the effort that is apparently being made to force Joran to exclude someone's name from his book.

If the relationship or discussion linking Joran's name to that individual is "already common knowledge" (complete with documented hits and page views) then Joran has a real leg to stand on to contend the person's name is not eligible for protection or exclusion.

Or, another thought is that the Judge already ruled in favor of the complaining party forcing Joran to omit some name and this now is retribution of some sort to show that Joran is above the law afterall.