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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dutch Arrive in Aruba

It is always interesting to watch as things become twisted across the internet to serve personal interests. There is nothing secretive about the source of the following information and it has been said several times that their purpose may have a dual intent.

"They came for both reasons! True, the Awe Mainta editor came with the news and we picked it up. We publish his paper (Awe Mainta) for him at the DIARIO presses."


Ten Dutch experts will arrive in Aruba today (April 12,2007) to put the finishing touches on the Natalee Holloway case, before the Ministry of Justice of Aruba considers the case closed, or cold!
It is assumed that this will be the last effort to try to find out what happened to Natalee Holloway before declaring the case cold.

“In Aruba, when a case is considered "cold", it doesn't mean that it is permanently closed, but that it can be reopened if and when new evidence appears or is found. The Dutch team of 10 experts that is arriving today has conditioned their work so that they will only work with the police team in charge of combating drugs on the island, because they consider them the more reserved section of the police force.

The Ministry of Justice definitely wants to put an end to the investigation of the case. I think it's wrong, because there are so many declarations by the three main suspects that have to be investigated further, that you cannot close the case until that is properly ant thoroughly done. I fear that this is the last attempt by the Dutch and Aruban authorities to show that they are interested in the case to the degree they will make one last effort, and then close it.

Will keep you posted on their presence and work in Aruba.”



Not to take away from the source of this news, because he does know much more than I as it pertains to the legal workings of Aruba and the Netherlands. But, some assumptions are being made and that leaves the possibility that things might go in a different direction. All we know for certain is that a group of ten (10) Dutch experts are on their way to Aruba to finalize their investigation into the Natalee Holloway case. Maybe, just maybe, they will be able to do more than just haze over this case and declare it cold.

Wishful thinking on my part, but wouldn’t it be extremely nice if the Holloway/Twitty families finally got a break in all of this?


Update: I now have a few more details and an anticipated arrival time for the Dutch experts. There should be a better understanding of their intentions by tomorrow afternoon. Stay tuned!

Update II: Nothing to report about the Dutch team of investigators coming out of Aruba at this time and nothing expected over the weekend. Some believe their purpose in Aruba is a mixed one and involves the recent issues of bribery and corruption on the island. More should be learned in the following days and weeks.

Jossy Mansur has been taking a lot of heat from a politically controlled radio station and newspaper in Aruba. The latest attack upon his character is due to an interview he gave to satellite radio host Dana Pretzer.

“I always stand behind everything I say, on the radio, on tv or in the paper. When I'm wrong, I apologize, but when I am right, like in this case, no apologies are necessary. But, it's a two-way street, because I am giving all of them the hell of a rough time in the DIARIO. They, contrary to me, cannot stand the heat, that's why they counter with a lot of inventions and just plain slander. Mike, I couldn't care less about all their attacks… Don't worry for me: I can handle myself pretty well in these kinds of situations. I've been at it for the past 33 years!”


klaasend said...

EASY - is this true or satire?

EasyWriter said...


I try to make it clear when I attempt satire and I wouldn't do so on this subject anyway.

klaasend said...

Thanks for the update!!

Anonymous said...

Easy....thank you for this and
all information on the NH case...

EasyWriter said...

You are welcome Mere. Let’s hope that this will be different than what we fear will happen. Maybe they have gone through the over 400 pounds of evidence sent to them months ago and now need to tie up loose ends on the ground.

Eyes will be watching and if anyone is called in for an interview, I will be passing that info along as I learn of it happening.

Anonymous said...

I somehow suspect that Aruba would never declare the Natalee Holloway case officially closed. After all that would leave the door open and ... that will permit the investigation to be investigated by family ... by the FBI and ... Aruba is not about to allow that to happen. The main suspects would be revealed for who they are ... guilty and ... the investigation would be be revealed for what it was ... corrupt.
Janet aka Tamikosmom

Jug Twitty - On the Record w/ Greta
GEORGE "JUG" TWITTY: We've tried. I've tried every tactic. I think I've made every policeman, every person working on the case here, you know, mad. But you know, what I have to do as a stepfather to try to get Natalee back. Well, the way the system works down here, when the case is closed, we will have all that information, and we can release it to the world.

Art Wood - 'Rita Cosby Live & Direct'
ART WOOD, FORMER SECRET SERVICE AGENT: Absolutely. Absolutely. There's a lot that Americans can do through the State Department. I want to remind everybody that Natalee Holloway was a U.S. citizen. Once the Aruban authorities are done investigating this case, the FBI can still conduct an investigation, and they could extradite these suspects to the United States. Let me point out that there's a ton of circumstantial evidence in this case to convict these kids.

Jug Twitty - 'Scarborough Country'
TWITTY: If they let them walk on this island after what Beth and I know, there's a lot of information that we have that we cannot share, because it would jeopardize the investigation. But if they let them walk, we can share it. And it would be devastating. The United States, the world will be amazed.

Beth Twitty - 'Scarborough Country'
HOLLOWAY TWITTY: Well, and I met with Prime Minister Oduber.
I don‘t care who you put the pressure on, where it comes from, but I want—you need to figure it out. You need to figure out who needs to apply the pressure and where it needs to be applied, because you have to solve this crime. I said, you do not want to turn me loose from this island without an answer.

Anonymous said...

Definately saying my prayers!! Thanks for the info!!

Deb357 said...


Is there any way that Jossy may be able to contact Peter DeVries and see if Peter DeVries is still working on the case? It's been quiet on the Netherlands side and I thought maybe Jossy could get a little insight from Peter DeVries on anything he may of further cam up with in his investigation.

After the two Reporters found hung to death, I am hoping it did not scared Peter DeVries off or his News Media decided to back off or threatened.

Please let us know if you learn anything more.

EasyWriter said...

I have talked to him about DeVries and things have been pretty quiet on that front. I do know that DIARIO did have, or still has, someone in the Netherlands asking questions. Jossy is also good about maintaining contact with people that have lived and worked in Aruba then moved on.

If anything interesting comes my way, I will post it on this blog as soon as I get a heads up.

Anonymous said...

Apparently ... according to rumor (I cannot read Dutch) ... all reference to the Natalee Holloway case has been removed from Peter Devries site.

Maybe ... the "powers that be" have an agenda ... to silence the one voice in Aruba and ... the one voice in Holland ... which uphold the family in their quest for answers regarding the morning their beloved Natalee went missing.
Janet aka Tamikosmom

Beth Twitty - On the Record w/ Greta
TWITTY: ...the case has been totally mishandled - I knew that early on that Croes and Janssen had butted heads about Janssen mishandling of the case.

GRETA: We're saying that even the AG is controlled by The Hague, so they're keeping Karen Janssen on ...

TWITTY: Well Greta, somebody is lobbying for Joran in the Hague in order to protect him - it has to be.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Easy, for keeping us updated. Thanks to our Aruba friend also. I so pray if the case is closed the FBI or Interpol or someone can access these records and continue the investigation.JMHO

SM Sam

buckeye said...

Thanks Easy and once again thanks to Jossy.

EasyWriter said...

One thing for sure and that is that we have not and will not drop this story before it reaches a conclusion.

Over the next few days I will do my best to keep everyone informed about this recent event. Of course, we all know that news can be less than forthcoming at times, but I will stay on the story and reveal what I can, when I can!

Hang in there everyone!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Jossys's news with everyone!!! :)
be nice if theses 10 folks were going to arrest suspects ETC.
One can hope, huh? :)


EasyWriter said...

Hi Angie,

Yes, one can hope that something will come of this, but my hopes are not that high. That may just be a conditioned response due to the two-year roller coaster ride we have already endured.

Presently, the thinking is that there may be more than one agenda involved, which would account for the high number of “experts” being sent to Aruba.

Let’s wait and see how this all plays out…..

Anonymous said...

I hope and pray it is real.The only way to pressure people like the Chicago mob,is in the wallet.

Anonymous said...

I feel the case is far from over.I find it strange that the main suspects are now in the Netherlands.The suspects must feel safer,frow locals and South Americans.I feel the case is solved,not resolved,CAT

EasyWriter said...

For those of you on some blogs that seem to be going off the deep end about the hanging reference let me clarify to an extent. There was a well known and liked Aruban television personality and comedian that committed suicide by hanging. It was later discovered that she had serious financial problems and was going through a divorce.

Several days later a young man that worked for the same television network killed himself by hanging. I do not recall the details, but I do not believe he was a reporter.

On the surface it did look very suspicious, but I have heard of nothing to make me think it was anything more than what it was declared.

EasyWriter said...

Sometimes a little truth does make its way through the smoke and mirrors. It is correct that the Dutch team prefers to work with the narcotic officers, because they have a reputation for keeping quiet during an investigation. Some of the other branches of ALE are notorious for leaking too much info at the inappropriate times.

To me that would indicate that there is an investigative itinerary in place and this visit goes beyond a simple closing of the case. This could become extremely interesting before it is all said and done!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the news Easy and to Jossy too. I doubt anything will change, the cover-up will continue, but you are right - we can always hope. We can also show Aruba that we are just as persistent in getting the truth as they are in covering it up

Anonymous said...

Mike, thanks for the update....
Any idea which 'government' affiliated newspapers Jossy is referring to here? There can only be two or three others. It would be nice to know exactly which ones have an agenda aligned with the MEP and what favors they receive for their support.


EasyWriter said...

I could take a pretty good guess which newspaper, but I will check it out and let you know.

"That so-called media storm is not a media-storm at all, just one radio owned and controlled by the MEP party and a pamphlet they call a 'newspaper', owned by the same MEP fanatic, but is nothing more than a slander sheet very few people read. The radio is listened to by the hard-core MEP fanatics, but is not a popular station either because all its news are politically impregnated by the communistic MEP ideology."

EasyWriter said...

An editorial is planned in the DIARIO that will address some of the recent issues revolving around corruption and bribery in Aruba. It should be interesting and hopefully we will get an English language version.

EasyWriter said...

Radio Top 95 and Solo di Pueblo, both are owned by Edmond Croes.

Anonymous said...

You may say whatever you want. MEP party govern Aruba. Like it or not! MEP is the biggest party in Aruba and will remain so for the next years! So, you can't beat them? Join them!!!!

EasyWriter said...

That’s a helluva way to live! Elections will be coming up in a couple of years and voters can make a change. If this bribery incident proves to be true, then special elections will happen much sooner. One way the MEP party maintains control is through intimidation and fear. Once a person’s livelihood is threatened they become more complacent and accepting of their leadership. That is not a good system of government.

Another blog cites the MEP for creating 1500 new government jobs. What that blog doesn’t mention is just who got those jobs and who has to pay those salaries through increased taxes.

Anonymous said...

Not even Nancy Grace from CNN, who did campaign against the MEP on TV, asking the Aruban people to NOT to vote for Nel Oduber, did not work. Do you think that a blogger site does have the power to do something? Guys, you should seek for better information, look and ask why MEP is the biggest party in Aruba. If you cannot come up with anwer, I will keep you posted. AVP is just to bad for ARUBA. For this reason MEP has 12 seats out of 21 from the Aruban palrlament and in the last election 11 seats out of 21. Next election is in 2009, and MEP will be re-elected.

EasyWriter said...

Who are you? And, why should we pay any attention to what you have to say?

This blogger is not out to change the political situation in Aruba. I just feel sorry for the average person that either believes in your MEP propaganda, or is so in fear of losing his job that he continues to vote for these people.

Anonymous said...

Art Wood is wrong: If and when the Arubans ever close this case, the FBI will NOT be able to investigate it for lack of jurisdiction. The only cases in which US laws have extra-territoriality in disappearance cases are when the disappearance occurs in international waters (e.g., the George Smith IV case), and when terrorism (as strictly defined in the statute) is involved. The FBI will never have any more authority in this case than the Arubans choose to give them.

Anonymous said...

Easy -- Thanks to you and Jossy for EVERYTHING you do to communicate the 'truth'.

And to the anonymous MEP supporter (is that YOU Odoobie?? or your rapist son??)-- perhaps he/she should revisit the Hague convention and the other aspects of International law and justice. Particularly the sections that deal with KIDNAPPING.

If MEP is re-elected in Aruba, it will be because Aruba will have become part of the jurisdiction of the inferno known as Hugo Chavez.

Burn, Aruba. Burn.
Justice for Natalee Holloway

Anonymous said...

The FBI will just go through another channel. Try INTERPOL. No one will do this and flaunt it in the face of Americans and get by with it forever. j/b