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Monday, April 16, 2007

DIARIO - April 16, 2007 Editorial

(English Translation Provided by Jossy Mansur)


The truth can hurt when it’s exposed without circumlocution! What could have led the mediocrity of the MEP party to lose their heads in such an ugly manner? Could it be the bribery of 1 million guilders? Is that what made them try to look for any distraction from this most shameful anti-Aruban act known in our history? Is it because Nel Oduber is searching for a way out of the atom-bomb that the Namdar offer exploded in his face, and that has converted Neldar into another victim that “can be bought and sold?"

Gentlemen, go ahead with your attempts to distract the attention from the offered bribery of the most shameful 1 million guilders that exists, and the delivery afterwards of our port to the same foreign group that put that money under the table! Is this or isn’t this the greatest demonstration of anti-Arubanism known until now? Must the Aruban continue on the path of the cross to get his rights, while the foreigners with money can just wave a few bills in their faces to at once get the permits or properties they want? Just consider all the cases that the most anti-Aruban government has lost in court so far! Two great doctors, real Arubans, Lacle and Posner, had to take the path of the cross to get their rights, and even so, are being politically persecuted until this day! Is this, or isn’t this one more demonstration of the most pathetic anti-Arubanism that exists?

Then Henny Eman and Otmar Oduber, another two Arubans with a long history of political persecution coming from the same Government and members of the MEP party, hungry for vengeance, moved by hate and rancor. They too had to suffer years of political persecution, to finally obtain in Court for the truth to conquer the lies, the slanders, the ridiculous accusations, thrown at them by a Government that has characterized itself as mediocre and totally anti-Aruban!

And we could go on and on to fill this whole paper with the long list of politically persecuted Arubans, just because they think different and want the good of their people and their island. To expose the truth in a newspaper, on the radio or on television, has become for the anti-Arubans in power the cause for unbelievable hysterics, a drowning in a glass of water, and an attempt to hide the bribery offer of 1 million guilders with shouts coming from the handful of mediocrities at their disposal. Mister Neldar can turn and turn, trying to find any motive that can help him extract himself, but the 1 million guilders hang over his head like the accusation of a judge.

The day I said that Nel Oduber’s government is anti American too, I came with the proofs to demonstrate it, but I left out a couple very painful for Nel, but since he again lost control over his tongue, here are more proofs: Natalee Holloway (American) and the American girl that his son mistreated and then wanted to rape in his own home! The father, a man from Panama, sent me all the proofs, including clinical reports of physical abuse, and I didn’t publish them for discretion’s sake and for consideration of a person that does not deserve it.

What did Nel’s government do in the case of Natalee? Hide their heads in a hole like ostriches so as not to see the truth of what was happening, try to fire Jan and Karin because they did not belong to the group of political yes-men of his government; put the interest for American tourism money above the value of a human life; try to throw the blame on the family of the girl that disappeared, instead of going all-out against the three suspects who are responsible for the bad name Aruba got in other countries, and rightly so because those in power did not lift one finger to defend the victim, but went all out behind the curtain to make the family responsible for the negative image Aruba got, and not against the three suspects in whose company the girl disappeared. She too is an American!

Then his unbelievably stupid anti-American statements; the case of his own son who tried to rape an American girl in his own home! Now there is another American arrested because he pulled a gun against a person that attacked his wife, then committed destruction against her property. A government that has characterized itself as an Anti-American one with unquestionable concrete proofs.

But, the worst is that this government is principally an Anti-Aruban one that obliges the sons of this island that do not belong to the privileged few of the MEP, to go through a truly torturous process to find their rights! For the foreigner with money? Everything! All they have to do is…let everyone complete the sentence for himself or herself, considering the bribery offer. And for the poor foreigners who come to Aruba with his or her work specialization, another road of the cross! A merciless persecution; an extraction of the little money that they have or can borrow, to obtain the papers for a permit that often never comes! Another inhuman persecution of those that did not come to commit acts against the law (like those that many of the delinquents around Nel did commit, some with judge’s sentences hanging over their heads!), but who came to Aruba to look for a better life and to contribute to our labor market with their talents and know-hows!

Nel Oduber has become a synonym for political persecution, for implacable hatred, for “can be bought and sold”, of 1 million guilders offered to a traitor willing to deliver our port in the hands of foreigners! This is a handing-over of the worst kind, of a dictatorial attitude never before seen on an island that always held its impeccable democracy in front of the eyes of the world for it to understand that in Aruba the empire of the Law is in command. We can no longer say that! Now our island has become, in the hands of Nel Oduber and his anti Aruban and anti-American government, an island of the abuse of power, of nepotism, of favors to the small group of privileged MEP fanatics, and political persecution against the rest of the population that do not subject themselves to his amens!


Anonymous said...

Easy....thank you for the sharing the editorial. Jossy is a strong
person. Mere

EasyWriter said...

This is going to be a rocky road for him and some people living in Aruba. We can only hope that the average citizen will recognize that their best interests are not being served and will speak up in the next election.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that Mike! Giv'em hell Jossy, you nailed'em!!!

Anonymous said...

You know what is funny, the same Editorial he claims to have given to you in English is different from what he printed today in his News Paper.

Jossy is a Tyrant and wil always be a Tyrant. A man accused by your State-Department of being involved in money laundry, who's US Visa was Denied in 2004, by your US Counsul in Venezuela, because he's accused of money Laundry.
And that story of where he was borned and which year he came to Aruba I don't believe it because last year or two years ago he was on a TV-show called "Un dia den bida"(a day in the life), where he told a completely different story of his past (Now I'm not saying I'm right on this so I'm just saying that according to MY OPINION he said something different).
Jossy is two faced. If you are with him you become Man or Woman of the year in his News-paper, So did the Actual Prime Minister, the Actual Minister of Justice.
When he was told to start paying his backed-up taxes (which run in the millions)and stop looking for loop holes to not pay taxes and started acusing him of Fraude in the Aruban Bank (Interbank)that went Bankrupt (where he was a partial owner if not THE owner)is when his love for the actual government turned from love to just pure hate.
The former Government AVP were the ones giving him slack, but now With the actual Government no slack means printing lies and his so called uncoverring story (which he never can back up with facts it's always "My Source this", "My Source that", "My Source bohoo"). When he printed this so called letter of Bribery in his Paper he only printed one page, white outed all the names and said it was sent to the government. Which of course lead to the reaction of government. They Contacted the Namdar group, asked them to send them the entire letter, where in a press conference the government showed to the press to who the letter was send and what was excatly in the letter. The letter dating from 2004/2005 and send to a Michael Williams who was a campaigner for the MEP PArty in election of 2001, but then left the party shortly after 2001 (maybe 2002/2003)and became a candidate on another Polical Party named the "OLA" (which is said to be funded by Jossy Mansur, But hey, I have no facts on this but talk about the Irony ey?). The governemnt gave all documents regards the so called Bribery to the Attorney General to start with the investigation, because this was a set up from Jossy Mansur to Boycott the Project of Royal Caribbean and the Port Of Aruba. If Jossy So called had proof, why not take it to the AG? If the letter was from 2004/2005 why walk around with it for 3 years long?Why print it in his News Paper to just blow up dust? It's Because HE USES HALF OF THE INFO TO CREAT AND INVENT STORIES. That's why he never wins a case in court when he is called on to retract his words.
You can post this comment if you want or use it to send to Jossy Mansur and let's see what he wil say (lie) about Next.
You want a Average Citizen standing up wel here he is, standing up to The Main Tyrant of the Island Money Laundrer Jossy Mansur. I have eyes, ears and knowledge to know that it's completely other here on the island then Mr. Tyrant so badly wants to make it seem. He just wants to brin hate to everyone on the island and afterwards blame it on the government, just because he doesn't receive special aknowledgment and / or treatment.

Anonymous said...

Easy ... thank you for posting the English translation of Jossy's editorial.
Jossy ... you are a man of conviction and the family of Natalee Holloway are fortunate to have you upholding them in their desperate quest for justice.
God Bless.
Janet aka Tamikosmom
Dave Holloway
Dana Pretzer Show - Sept. 8, 2006
HOLLOWAY: Jossy has been very helpful to try to find the truth, the fact he lives in Aruba and publishes a newspaper, they're attacking him because he's looking for -- fighting for -- the truth. That’s what a good journalist does -- He's going to go after the people, regardless, and try to find the truth

Jug Twitty
Scared Monkeys FP - Dec. 5, 2006
Beth Twitty
'Rita Cosby Live & Direct' - Sept. 14, 2005
TWITTY: Well, you know, I‘ll be forever grateful for Jossy Mansur, who is there. And he has been so instrumental. And he‘s just a hero to all of us. And, you know, he‘s my only hope on the island. And we‘ll be forever grateful to him

EasyWriter said...

You seem to have some strong opinions about Jossy Mansur. Do you have any hard evidence to backup your claims, or is this just based upon your own prejudices and political persuasions?

Why not identify yourself, so that this discussion will have a little more credibility?

EasyWriter said...

In my previous post I was speaking to the April 16, 2007 9:58 AM poster.

Anonymous said...

EasyWriter said...
You seem to have some strong opinions about Jossy Mansur. Do you have any hard evidence to backup your claims, or is this just based upon your own prejudices and political persuasions?

The question should be does Jossy have any proof to back uo his allegations.

Seems as long as Jossy says something negative about Aruba and Natalee Holloway case people hang on his every word. Where's his proof? Where's his evidence?

EasyWriter said...

That is the problem with much of this. Someone has feelings about another person so their views are slanted in one direction. They never read past two words before forming an opinion and going on the attack.

If April 16, 2007 10:40 AM would bother to actually read through this editorial and other quoted material, the reader would recognize that Mansur has on more than one occasion offered up documented proof and challenged others to do the same.

Sam said...

Jossy is the only person on Aruba that's helped the Holloway/Twitty family search for the answers of what happened to Natalee.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jossy for the English translation and thanks Easy for posting it. Thanks also to Jossy for trying to protect his homeland from the Government losers. If there is any hope for Aruba to become again a tourist destination for Americans it will be because of folks like Jossy. JMHO

SM Sam

Not to be confused with the Sam who posted earlier. Not that there is anything wrong with what the other Sam said.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... The question should be does Jossy have any proof to back up his allegations.
Jossy Mansur's words of truth which many disputed/denied have been upheld time and time again.
Janet aka Tamikosmom
Jossy Mansur
'Scarborough Country' - July 28, 2005
JOSSY MANSUR, EDITOR,“DIARIO”: It‘s not a so-called confession. It was a confession given by Joran to four present policemen, two of them what we call (INAUDIBLE). They are a little bit higher officers. And two that we consider (INAUDIBLE). That means that they work for the detective department. They‘re into investigation. Now, to these four people that have signed that deposition, Joran told that, I think—these are his exact words, I mean, the exact translation of what he said. He said, “I think that Deepak Kalpoe raped and then murdered Natalee.”
John Q. Kelly
On the Record w/ Greta - May 2, 2006
KELLY: The thing she was most upset about was an article that appeared in Diario, publication of what purported to be a police report that was a complete fabrication
VAN SUSTEREN: What did it actually say?
KELLY: It had a declaration of a police officer, didn't identify the officer. She was pretty upset about that, it was clearly fabricated on another typewriter and the paper had accepted it as accurate.
VAN SUSTEREN: I take it she's going to call Jossy on it?
KELLY: I don't know what she's going to do, but I do know she wasn't happy.
Joran Van der Sloot
On the Rcord w/ Greta - Mar. 3, 2006
VAN SUSTEREN: OK, and I think there's a declaration, and correct me if I'm wrong, of the 13th of June. It's in Dutch and I've seen a translation. I can't read Dutch. But I think that it says that you say that Deepak murdered Natalee is that wrong?
VAN DER SLOOT: No, that's not. I never said anything like that.
David Kock
On the Record w/ Greta
August 24, 2005
DAVID KOCK, SATISH KALPOE'S ATTORNEY: I think you have to put it into context, that that was just one of the stories that Joran told, and that afterwards, he has changed his story again. I don't know if that was a story told, you know, as a joke, if it was maybe speaking as in a third person type of situation. I mean, but what we know is that afterwards, his statements have changed, so, you know? We don't have to only focus on that one.
Joran Van der Sloot
Suspect Statement - June 13, 2005
Proces-verbaal findings
I, Jan van der STRATEN, police chief with the Aruban Police Corps, state the following.
On Monday June 13th 2005, at approximately 13.00 hours I spoke informally with the suspect Joran Andreas Petrus v/d SLOOT at the police station in Oranjestad.
On my question to Joran whether he can tell me what happened after the girl had fallen asleep on the beach near Fisherman's Hut, he answered:
“I called DEEPAK and he came with two dogs. I think he raped the girl and did something to her.”
To my question where the girl was buried then, he answered:
“I think that it was buried then next to the wall of the Fisherman's Hut, for the rest I would not know either.”
Of this I reported on my oath as officer on June 17th 2005.
J. van der STRATEN

EasyWriter said...

Jossy has answered many of the claims made by the anonymous poster from the Netherlands. With his approval, I will post those answers later today.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
You know what is funny, the same Editorial he claims to have given to you in English is different from what he printed today in his News Paper.


I noticed you neglected to provide a more accurate translation of Jossy's editorial and, instead, wasted band space with rhetoric standard at foBS. Why would that be?

EasyWriter said...

The editorial is the same as the Papiamento version except for the normal differences in languages.

Jossy Mansur was born in Aruba.

The other poster has lost credibility on those two counts before he/she even begins the rant, so the rest of it is baseless propaganda put forth by someone with an agenda.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Easy for allowing Jossy a voice. The world needs to know what is wrong in Aruba.

Lala's Mom

Anonymous said...

At least there is a voice in Aruba,that we can here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting Jossy's work Easy. Someone else already said "Giv'em hell Jossy" which was my first thought.
God bless you Jossy my prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

I'm really confused by some of this editorial by Jossy:

"but I left out a couple very painful for Nel, but since he again lost control over his tongue, here are more proofs: Natalee Holloway (American) and the American girl that his son mistreated and then wanted to rape in his own home! The father, a man from Panama, sent me all the proofs, including clinical reports of physical abuse, and I didn’t publish them for discretion’s sake and for consideration of a person that does not deserve it."

Is Jossy saying Nel's son tried to rape Natalie? Who is Nel's son? Surely he means joran van der sloot.

EasyWriter said...

Sometimes there is a slight language barrier that comes across in a translation, making the words a little confusing unless you know the back-story. Nelson Oduber has three sons. One is named after his father. He got into a situation with an American woman he met in Panama. It becomes a long story, but it has nothing to do with Joran Van Der Sloot. Nel Jr. is several years older and runs in a different circle.