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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Judge Larry – Part Trois

Infant daughter to get custody of Anna Nicole’s body!

The spark seemed to glow less brightly in the Florida courtroom today. Fatigue and stress had apparently gripped everyone that has been present over the past several days. One of Virgie’s attorneys (a diabetic) had a fainting spell as he stood to offer yet another objection.

At the end of the day Judge Larry announced he would be giving his ruling after a 15 minute break. He returned to the bench and gave a rather emotional announcement that Anna’s baby daughter would have custody of her Mother’s remains. He went on to say that he wanted Anna buried in the Bahamas next to her son.

Personally, I think he made the right call under the very onerous circumstances. This will not end the raging battle between all the interested parties, but maybe it will finally give Anna Nicole Smith an eternal resting place.

Something tells me we have not seen the last of Judge Larry and I will be watching for his next move!!!


Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with tis decision...after the circus-like atmosphere of his court I feel he over looked the issue at hand and was more interested in the 'dirt' and his personal 'air' time. Like it or not...Mrs. Arthur is the next of kin..over the age of 18. The court appointed attorney of the baby should not IMO have the decision as to where the body of A.N.S should be buried. I believe that decision should ultimately go to the next of kin of legal age...in this case...her parents. Whether we 'like' her or not.....whether we agree with her or not...the law should have been followed in this case...but the law seems to have been lost in the court room antics and drama. This judge is a disgrace to our judicial system.

EasyWriter said...

Oh, Judge Larry’s court was no doubt incredibly out of control, but my point is that it was obvious that Anna would want to be buried next to her son wherever that might be.

Her body is decomposing as the minute hand continues to swirl around the dial. Isn’t it time for her to rest in peace and let the bickering continue without the constraints of nature breathing down everyone’s neck?

How many of us would purchase a family plot, bury a child and then choose to be buried thousands of miles away a few months later? Setting aside all the legalese for a moment, we need to focus on what Anna Nicole Smith would have wanted. After all, we are talking about her remains.

Anonymous said...

The whole ANS case gets more bizarre by the day. There is now a rumor that her late son was actually the father of her child. What's being said is that he committed suicide when it was realized that he was the father.

EasyWriter said...

There is only one way to put an end to such horrific rumors!

A q-tip, a minute and a little saliva from the baby would squash such speculation.