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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith

Just when one thinks they have seen it all enters Circuit Judge Larry Seidlin stage left! Is this guy auditioning for the next Judge Judy spin-off, or is this for real?

Jurist all across the country will be bald by the close of business today February 20, 2007, because they will have pulled their hair out by the roots!

The details of Anna Nicole’s life really do not interest me and I see it as just another sad, tragic life of a celebrity out of control. The most regrettable aspect about most of the cases the public has witnessed is the lack of anyone to step forward and intervene on their behalf. However, this Florida hearing is a three ring circus worth watching, even though it is already so flawed that appeals will be automatic. True this is not a criminal trial, but today's hearing went beyond the realm of anything most of us have ever witnessed within the confines of a courtroom. This thing would not even pass as an informal mediation in the eyes of most. However, I will be tuned in tomorrow just like most viewers to watch Act II.

Above all else the begging question remains. Could we be seeing The Judge Larry Show next season? Better watch your back Judge Judy, because the Honorable Larry Seidlin wants his 15 minutes!


strayze said...

There were well intentioned but ill informed friends and family of Anna Nicole willing to intervene. The problem is that Anna Nicole is an addict and her behavior is predictable. She protected her addiction as that was more important to her than life itself. Anything for the next drink or fix. Predictably interveners were turned away. We saw this in the testimony.

There is no "moderation" in drug or alcohol use for those who are addicted (which is not all users, but is for those where the addiction has become a problem) Once detoxed, the addict learns to live "one day at a time" as he/she can never drug/drink again without setting off the cycle again. This is because of the permanent brain damage brought about by the addicting substance.