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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Clear Intent – Anna Nicole Smith

May she rest in peace, damn it!

Very few parents bury their children in one location then only months later decide to leave them alone, while adjacent gravesites are left empty. This is a no-brainer and it has taken much too long for the final decision to be made.

Information is also starting to drift in that Anna Nicole actually died due to complications of pneumonia. The greed and mockery of this woman’s memory has gone too far.

Let her Rest In Peace!


Winterskin said...

you will be surprised of what money can buy....

EasyWriter said...

Winterskin - Everything about this smells of greed, corruption and uncontrollable desires and it has become pathetic. The woman wastes away in a morgue, while a cast of characters position themselves to seize control of an estate that does not yet exist.

Motivations are so glaringly clear that the public is temporarily blinded.

With that being said, have I got a shot at this? What’s a little DNA?