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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

CTV’s Haunting Evidence

The program premiers around the 20th of June with a trip to Aruba, according to Carla Baron and her associates. Hauntingly, the premier is almost a month to day, after the anniversary of Natalee’s disappearance. Does Carla Baron know something? Or, is it pure coincidence that her program makes its debut a month after Natalee walked out of Carlos-n-Charlie's?

Yours truly made contact with Carla Baron, but I learned little more than the premier date. In essence, Carla Baron said she was under contract with Court TV and could not give details about an investigation before the program aired. She went on to say that she felt it less than productive to speak with me, because she didn't know me, or recognize my little blog. Of course, I can understand her feelings, but turn-about is fair play, right? I don't really know her either.

Just who is Carla Baron and what is her success rate? Fair questions, I would presume...



justinsmama said...

I have to wonder if she is a pawn/cohort of the Aruban campaign of idiocy.

EasyWriter said...

Unfortunately, I’m not at liberty to say much about this upcoming program and Ms Baron is definitely not letting the cat out of the bag! However, other sources have given me the impression that her trance-like visions are compelling and shocking. With almost complete certainty, I can guarantee the “dark side” will not be pleased by the premier episode of Haunting Evidence.