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Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Several of you have emailed, asking that I keep my blog going. Thank you for the response and I will try to find the time now that life has slowed for me. At this time I will just do a brief summary about some recent events surrounding the case of Natalee Holloway. There is a great deal of news about other happenings on the little tropical island of Aruba, but I will address those later.


News from Aruba concerning the Natalee Holloway case has been slow since the Kalpoe brothers were awoken by the knock of several law enforcement types a few weeks ago. Some on the island have labeled the Dutch team the “Mute Investigators” because nothing is seen, or heard of them. However, they remain on the island.

Joran Van Der Sloot's book and subsequent interviews have received a good bit of attention across the internet, but little in the American main stream media. The only thing we learned from that attempt at creative writing is that Joran is the person we thought he was all along.

And, that ain’t good!

Carla Baron’s Court TV (CTV) program, Haunting Evidence, will premier the 20th of this month and it promises to be an interesting look at the Holloway case. Carla is not letting out much info due to contractual agreements she has with CTV, but others that were with her in Aruba say it is one show you don't want to miss!

The following is a press release issued by CTV:

Carla Baron and the Return for "Haunting Evidence"

Carla Baron is gearing up for the premiere of her runaway hit Court TV series, "Haunting Evidence," launching it's 2nd season on June 20th with a one-hour special on the Natalee Holloway investigation in Aruba.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 4, 2007 -- Carla Baron is gearing up for the premiere of her runaway hit Court TV series, "Haunting Evidence," launching it's 2nd season on June 20th with a one-hour special on the Natalee Holloway investigation in Aruba.

Television audiences know Carla Baron, internationally renowned psychic, from her work on Court TV's "Psychic Detectives," ABC's "Primetime,"
MTV's "Fear," and the British hit program, "Dead Famous," which has broadcast in the United States on the Biography Channel. Her series, "Haunting Evidence," also appears in regular syndication on the UK's LIVINGtv network, and Australia's FOXTEL.

Carla is most famous for her role as a psychic profiler, in which she assists police departments in identifying perpetrators in long standing
unsolved crimes, homicides and abductions, in particular. In fact, Ms. Baron recently received what are now many hundreds of heartfelt requests worldwide - begging for her assistance in the kidnapping of little Madeleine McCann from her holiday apartment in Portugal on the night of May 3rd.

"I am so excited for this 2nd season of Haunting Evidence to begin," Carla remarks. "There is a surprise reveal right before the special on Natalee that is not to be missed!"

Ms. Baron states that her current contract with Court TV is up for renewal, and she is in negotiations for a possible Season 3, should one be ordered by the network in the next few months. On the horizon - Carla is also considering several other pilots for series in development, all of which possess diverse and fascinating premises within the realm of the paranormal.

One thing's for certain, though - we will be seeing much more of Carla Baron. (And we didn't need to consult our "crystal ball" for that one!)


Anonymous said...

We've missed ya man!

Your friend Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back posting Easy. Always love your writing no matter the topic.

SM Sam

EasyWriter said...

Thanks for the nice words SM Sam! I'm working on something that might prove to be interesting. We will see..... we will see.....

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back Easy


EasyWriter said...

Thanks Katablog!

Sometimes we start these blogs when we have plenty of free time and are not prepared when life suddenly gets busy.

I'm working on an idea that might alleviate part of blog that problem.

Anonymous said...

What does Carla Baron think happened to Natalee? What does she think about Joran, Deepak and Satish? Did she say anything about Paulus?

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember on some show that Allison Dubois (sp) said J2K are guilty of Natalees disappearance. She is also a psycic profiler.

SM Sam

Anonymous said...

I hear you about the time thing Easy since I also have a blog that I have to find time to update several times a week - these darn paying customers just get in the way!

And now I have a client that has me writing his blogs too. This is even more difficult because it has to be on specific topics


EasyWriter said...

katablog - I don't envy you that task! Writing on a schedule turns into work! lol

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Carla Baron just tell everybody where Natalee Holloway is?

Anonymous said...

It's good to see you back Easy. And, it's good to see ArubaGirl too.