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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Things That Go Bump in the Night

Might just be the wind...


I asked Carla to give us a little background about her trip to Aruba.

"It didn’t take long for us to realize that the trip to Aruba was not going to be one of our easiest. Supposedly, there was a ‘customs mix-up’ with all the trunks of lighting and camera equipment. The assertion was that it had not been properly inspected when FEDEX claimed receipt at the airport. This became a continuous battle for us and Jessika McCool (our production mgr.) was on the cell non-stop fielding calls about the equipment.

We were having dinner at a nice restaurant on the island before the night shoot "main event" as they like to call it, and 2 of our guys were 'detained' while filming late that afternoon. Jess wasn't even able to really take but a few bites of her meal, as again - she was on the cell non-stop to get them released. The customs officers actually went to our hotel asking to search all of our rooms, and the hotel was tres cool about it - they flat out refused. (We love them!)

Even on the beach that night - Greg Palmer (one of our producers) was fending off local police as they were telling him to "pack it up" and leave. They did this throughout the night, so we had to move through our readings as quickly as possible. But it didn't matter - my reading was very clear from the beginning.

I spent my day off Friday (we finished shooting Thursday night) @ FEDEX with Jess as we made sure all the forms + manifests were properly filled out for shipping all those trunks back to NY for the next episode. (Good thing - Jess needed more forms which had not been filed with the large shipment.) I didn't mind - she said she was actually happy I came, since I was the only one who made friends with a woman supervisor at the local FEDEX to get my 2 trunks back to Los Angeles without incident. I like to triple check things like this - so I was on the phone several times earlier from the hotel. (It's official - I'm a 'baby' crew-bie!)

We made it through and hopefully the premiere will portray just that!"

Court TV Goes One-On-One with Carla Baron, star of "Haunting Evidence"

"Missing in Paradise"

Carla says that after her visit to Aruba, "there's nothing left to ponder" about the Holloway case. "I'm crystal clear on this one."

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 18, 2007 --Carla Baron gives an inside look at Season 2 of Court TV's "Haunting Evidence." They sat down with Carla, star of the hit series, to discover more about this famous psychic, and her whirlwind ride into danger, intrigue, and the unknown.

Q: What's been new in your life since the last season of "Haunting Evidence?"

A: I've been so busy with the new season of "Haunting Evidence" that I haven't had a life. I'm always packing my bags or shooting. I really haven't had two seconds to breathe.Personally, I do feel more comfortable in my own skin now and I look much better. That projects on TV. The confidence shows. I'm happy about it. I don't feel so guarded.

Q: What has been the most difficult "Haunting Evidence" case?
A: There has never been a distinct obstacle to keep me from getting an answer. Whatever I am supposed to see, I see. This season, viewers will really get to see my methodology. I really get to work the way I like to work.The producers, however, did keep having to slow me down. "Carla," they'd say, "we don't want you to solve this case in three minutes. The show will be over too quickly." I am lightning fast. And the faster I work, the more accurate I am. It's like a laser light show.John works just the opposite way. He takes more time - which is why we're so good together on screen.
Q: During your investigation, what did you find out about Natalee Holloway?
A: I pretty much nailed it. I knew, for a long time, that I'd be working on this case. I knew whatever I was going to contribute was going to be poignant. I was willing to place myself in an area of danger and name names. I described in detail what happened-after I worked the case, there's nothing left to ponder. I'm crystal clear on this one.
Q: Will police ever discover Natalee Holloway's killer?A: I think the police already know who the killer is. But there's a lot of fear down there - you can sense it in the air.Q: Have you ever tried to contact Lana Clarkson?
A: From the Phil Spector trial? I don't connect with victims, per se, unless officially requested by law enforcement assigned, or immediate family.
Q: What is the most enjoyable part of your job?
A: It's the glow I get when I do a reading. That's why I do them. It's like a personal therapy for me. When I'm in a reading, I center myself and become a better person with each reading. Other psychics are drained when they do it, but I'm energized. In fact, it can take me three or four hours to wind down after I'm done.
Q: What is the most difficult part of your job?
A: Waking up and realizing that another year has gone by. It seems like five minutes. My work is so invigorating that I forget time goes by. It's like a fountain of youth. The more I do, the younger and more energetic I feel. It's difficult when other people are stuck in real time and I'm in a different time dimension.
Q: What is the murder case you'd most like to investigate?
A: Jack the Ripper. I'd want to see what Jack did.
Q: Why not do it?
A: I don't get involved unless I'm officially invited. I don't have time to indulge myself.I'd also like to study the Zodiac Killer. I'm a child of the seventies, which was the real dawn of serial killers. For some reason it became a big cultural influence back then.I'd like to investigate Lizzie Borden, too. She was certainly a product of the media, and an early student of using the media to 'swing' things her way.
Q: Do you think most police and prosecutors believe you can help them solve difficult cases?
A: As with any group, there are certain individuals who have vision, and are open to exploring new avenues when nothing else is working. This is definitely part of the future, especially in law enforcement, where people are beginning to take their egos out of the equation when doing their jobs.
Q: Please describe what it feels like to contact the dead.
A: To me, it's exactly the same as communicating with the living. I don't see them as 'dead.' They have the same energy as a living person. They sound the same. No difference.

The new season of "Haunting Evidence" starts Wednesday, June 20th at 10PM E/P. Haunting Evidence

Producers, press and media agencies, network representatives, and others wishing to contact Ms. Baron directly should do so by visiting her official website: www.carlabaron.net.


Anonymous said...

Guess she didn't solve it...we're all still here searching.

Anonymous said...

I think it was solved in June 2005!

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what those other comments are all about..........??

I hope they solve the case soon.

Anonymous said...

I believe Jacobs/VD Straaten solved the case immediately. Now, someone needs to solve the CORRUPT COVER-UP that made sure Natalee's JUSTICE would be delayed as long as possible.

Anonymous said...

Aruba has many caves along its shores as well as the fact that the dogs run wild and are not well fed or looked after. Maybe deeper searches into the caves as well as disbursed bones. However, when a father who has no conscience assists his son and his friends in something so heinous he should look from the other side and see if he would like this to happen to his children or grandchildren; with a father like that how can anyone expect the son to be any better.

Anonymous said...

I was very disappointed in the "unnecessary" theatrical play-act that did little more than tug the heartstrings of watchers who are honestly traumatized at Natalee's plight.

Anonymous said...

Tell us about the crevice and the chemical burn! Who did that?

Anonymous said...

Carla's about as "phsychic" as I am LOL. All she had to do was read at Scared Monkeys to do her show.The good thing,,, it keeps attention on Natalee and a little more pressure on Aruba.

EasyWriter said...

Carla is not a fraud. She believes in what she is doing and sincerely wants to help those in need. Unfortunately, some TV types have a need for theatrics, which essentially render the original work pointless and incredulous.

I do believe the program that aired was much different than what I was told. However, it serves no purpose for me to dig for the inside story on such things, if the information is not portrayed accurately and answers are not easily forthcoming. I wish Carla well with her television series, but my adventures into the unfamiliar world of psychic phenomenon has concluded.

On to the next story……..

Anonymous said...

Carla said she was gonna name names and she knew where Natalee is? What happened?

Mitralvalve said...

Dutch newspapers report about a Dutch psychic who says Natalee lays chained on the floor of the ocean.

Haven´´t been around for a while, anything new?

EasyWriter said...

Not much new MV.

The mysterious Lorenzo was arrested during a big drug bust.

TES should be going back to Aruba very soon to do a deep water search.

Joran continues to show the world that he is a heartless jerk.

The Kalpoe brothers continue to hide.

Anonymous said...

I've watched Haunting Evidence a couple of times and it comes across like a bad magic act.

These people are no more tuned into the afterlife than Carnac the Magnificent!

Anonymous said...

No one has room to talk. Everyone is trying as hard as they can to find Natalee. If Haunting Evidence seems fake to you, keep your mouth shut. Don't speak unless you have something nice to say. Maybe they do know stuff that wasn't said worldwide... To keep it "underwraps" The family and friends are in my deepest prayers and I believe she will be found.

Anonymous said...

Who made you the internet police? lol

Fake, Fake, Fake!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so, I have a good idea that much of what was filmed was edited, and there is ALOT of information that simply didn't make it onto the show.

From what I understand, from discussions I have had with Carla, she did some investigating of her own. One of the things she had gotten in a reading, was that Natalee's body was burned. Burned to dust, like at such a place like a crematorium. No body, no crime. This was done as a favor for the conspirators, after much discussion about covering up the crime. They knew that simply putting the body in the ocean would be pointless, bodies always wash ashore.