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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Intuitive Substantiation

A commercial airliner breaks through the clouds and begins to drop altitude as it approaches a strip of land born of volcanic rock and jutting upward from the azure waters of the Caribbean. The landscape more closely resembles the desert southwest than what one might envision as a tropical paradise. Jagged rocks, scrub brush and shifting sands dominate the canvas, but the painting is framed by sugar white beaches and wind-sculpted Divi Divi trees. What mysteries does this island hold so close to its center?

Aboard the flight a passenger peers from the window as the jet begins to circle the island and prepares for landing. She closes her eyes for a moment and carefully thinks through her itinerary. Suddenly, the landing gear lowers and the rubber of the tires sing as it touches the runway. The passenger disembarks and stops momentarily. She turns her face toward the prevailing wind and lets her eyes drift across the horizon as her long blonde hair dances against a stark blue sky. Even in February the temperatures on the island are moderate, but she feels a chill run over her skin then her hands tremble so very slightly.

Like many before her Carla Baron is drawn to Aruba by a feeling, a vision, an unexplainable sense that keeps telling her what happened to Natalee Holloway. Carla is a psychic profiler featured on Court TV's Haunting Evidence and she wants to stand on the island, breath in the air and fine tune the feelings that consume her. Does she succeed where others have failed?

You will have to turn the channel to Court TV on June 20th to learn the answers to those questions. However, reliable sources have told me that she did indeed have a psychic experience while standing in the sands of Aruba near the hotel area and she will name names on her television broadcast. She also thinks she knows where Natalee Holloway is now.

This was not the first time a psychic has come forth with a vision, a story, a location or a hundred other things. Most did nothing to move the investigation forward and over two years later there are still no certain answers. Just speculation piled upon more speculation. Maybe Carla Baron's efforts will stir a memory, or encourage some frightened person to come forward with the truth.

As desperation grows so does the ability to be accepting of things considered unconventional by most. Do I believe in psychic profiling? I’m not sure.

From the dawn of time there have been those that walk amongst us with a super sensitivity to their surroundings. Those sensitivities can manifest themselves in many ways. A select group of those people have been able to harness those energies and use them in a positive way. Personally, I have always been somewhat skeptical of psychic phenomenon, but I am not so closed minded that I do not recognize the fact that many unexplained things have happened during my life time.

The island of Aruba has seen many sunsets since Natalee Holloway walked away from a local nightclub never to be seen again. Her disappearance gripped the imaginations, desperations and frustrations of people around the world. The case has caused such scrutiny that the whole tourist based economy of Aruba swirled like Palm fronds caught in a hurricane. Yet, not a trace of Natalee has been found and the answers seem to be lost in a pile of redacted declarations.

So, I am willing to take a look at alternative approaches to the investigation and will tune into Haunting Evidence on June 20, 2007.


Anonymous said...

does she think nathalie is in water?

Anonymous said...

how long has she had these feelings about Natalee, or is she going to Aruba to *see* if she'll have feelings?

Anonymous said...

it says she was there in feb. if she knows something did she give it to the family?

BTgirl said...

How does the information Ms. Baron perceives present itself to her? Is it something she visualizes, or does she suddenly have knowledge of something inside her head?

buckeye said...

You certainly have a way with words. They should pay you to write promos. You certainly peaked my interest.

EasyWriter said...

Thanks buckeye! Originally, the piece had a little more sting, but I changed my approach by request.

Anonymous said...

What time does this show come on?

Anonymous said...

"unexplainable sense that keeps telling her what happened to Natalee Holloway."

More like an explainable sense on how to make some money.

Carla Baron Fan said...

So good to see more on Carla Baron and more about her. You did her justice!

Anonymous said...

Is Carla Baron for real? Has she ever solved a case?

whytegirl said...


SO NICE TO READ YOU!!!! Remember me from Scared Monkeys??? How are you doing??? I hope that your heart is doing great, still taking your meds?

Sending you a warm hug, whytegirl xoxo

EasyWriter said...

Hi whytegirl!

Sure I remember you. Med's turn into a life-long deal once you get put on the things. I'm doing pretty good.

How are you doing?

Deb said...

Like how your blog looks and "feels". *wink*

Hey, well, the premiere is over. They solved a case from last year. I seriously want justice for Natalee.

EasyWriter said...

Deb - I seriously want answers for Natalee too, but I don't think it is coming from this source. I don't have a problem with the effort expended, but I just don't think it did any good.

Anonymous said...

everything this woman said during the taping of the show as to what happened to natalee has to be true if anybody watched the show and saw her on the beach at nite and how she explained how she felt what had happeded it is the very same way uran or how ever you spell his name told that reported in his car as to how natalee died that day this lady is dead on .