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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Monday, October 29, 2007 9:00ct/10:00et

Some of you may know that I am a fan of On The Record w/Greta Van Susteren. I may not always agree with her take on some of the more publicized cases of the day, but I still enjoy watching and listening to her program. In fact, along with Greta and several other regular features, Fox News has become a daily routine for me.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Greta accompanied First Lady Laura Bush on a trip to the Middle East this past week with hopes of spreading the word about this very serious malady so many women face. She was a real trooper and recorded her daily activities almost hour by hour on her increasingly popular blog, GretaWire. (Check It Out!)
In a very small way, I would like to support this cause and urge each of you to tune into her program this Monday night, October 29, 2007. The ratings will show the bean counters of this world that people do take this disease seriously, want more information and would like to see it cured in our lifetime.

Encourage those you care about to watch this hour of television. Make it a family affair and let it propel discussions within your own family. It will be time well spent!


Anonymous said...

WTF! Doesn't sounde like you! Have you gone mushy>

Anonymous said...

Thank YOU!

michele said...

Okay Easywriter. I hopped over to your blog from In Cold Blog. I also post on Gretawire (as Michele)and feel the same way you do about her. I try to never miss a show, but sometimes, when I disagree, I tune out.

We seem to feel the same about quite a few things. I am beginning to think we may have been separated at birth. LOL

EasyWriter said...

Michele – Thanks for dropping by!

Yeah, that Pat Brown is a real piece of work. I’ve seen her on Nancy Grace’s show talking about other cases and she always takes that hard-line approach. I think she is wrong about the McCann case. She too easily jumps to conclusions and then labels those conclusions with psychiatric terms.

Are you my long lost sister? lol

Bali said...

Hi from Gretawire!

Just had to check this out. Thanks for the :) helps.

Where oh where has our Greta gone?
Oh where oh where can she be?
with her hair cut short
and her black outfit...
Oh wherer oh where has she gone?


EasyWriter said...

Thanks for dropping by Bali! I spend much more time at Greta's blog than I do here.

I love to watch her reports and have the interaction with her and others viewing her program. I've become addicted to it! lol