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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Below is a translation of a recent Bon Dia article provided by ArubaGirl. I find it to be somewhat strange and the timing more than coincidental with Greta Van Susteren’s visit to Aruba. Perhaps more light will be shed upon these claims over the next few days.


American Congress with a petition to hold hearings because
FBI Accused In Hindering and Threatening Aruban Authorities in Holloway Case
In an attempt to protect the rich and powerful Twitty Family

Oranjestad - A group of American Congressmen asked for a congressional hearing to seriously investigate the FBI due to its interference in the investigation in the Natalee Holloway Case. It is an attempt to get clarity about what the tasks of the FBI was in this entire situation and if indeed the FBI hindered the investigation as they have heard.

A group of congressmen submitted a petition to congressman [senator? – ag] who is the leader of the [senate?? –ag] judicial committee in the United States. In the letter is written that since both American votes and citizens of the allied (like Aruba – Ed.] they are disgusted about the cover-up from the American press about the corruption that exists in the highest level It must be illustrated that this congressional commission supervises the American Justice Department that includes the FBI and also the American Federal Court system.

The letter goes on to say that they feel that the United States has to work for everyone and not just those who are privileged.

The 100th American congress promises to reestablish responsibility in the American government and strengthen ties with its allies. To do this, they are asking for a congressional hearing, to investigate this matter.

Also pointed out is that for the last two years, the American press reported on the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. Now it seems that a powerful financial group, politically connected, pressured the FBI Barbados department to not cooperate in the investigation. This should have taken place when they were asked for assistance. It was shown that there are indications that there was an attempt to disrupt and frustrate the investigation to protect those financially powerful and politically well connected.

The letter points to an article in the month of July in the newspaper Amgioe, where it speaks about the FBI hindering the work of the police and Justice in Aruba about the investigation of the Natalee Holloway case. Especially when the direct family of [Natalee] Holloway had to be investigated like the mother Beth, and the step father George “Jug” Twitty.

It seems now that the stepfather had direct influences to the Whit e House, and also tired to cover the investigation in the 120 students who came to Aruba.

A high FBI official would have told Gerold Dompig, who was then involved in the investigation, to do his own dirty work. I and other police officers not only had to work under serious pressure of the FBI, who arrived in Aruba in a record time, but we were also hindered in doing our work, and were even threatened.

Fact is that there are actions taking place that give this case another turn, and put people thinking that now the disappearance is nothing more than a diabolical plan to camouflage a well thought out plan and with connections on the highest level, was helped in an unprecedented way.

- Bon Dia Aruba, October 9th, page 6


Anonymous said...

As you know I have been on vacation and just returned last night.So I am trying to catch up on the happenings.

Sorry to hear Jossy has not been able to start the search.

Aruaba Girl, thank you for the translation.

I frankly do not believe the Twittys' had the powerful political connections that have been implied. I do believe the FBI may have told ALE to do their own dirty work. It was dumb of ALE to try to investigate people who were not even there during Natalees disapearance. Just one more example of ALE trying to blame the wrong folks for their failure. JMHO.

SM Sam

EasyWriter said...

Sam – I hope you enjoyed your vacation. You are not the only one to express skepticism about this particular article. Others think it is an example of extreme stupidity that only further harms the reputation of Aruba.

This line of thinking exudes ignorance of the facts. The answer still lies with those last seen with Natalee and those that completely botched the investigation, or worse.

Priscilla said...

I found "Connecting the Dots" when you posted it on Gretawire, I would love to join in the discussion on the Holloway case. I went to Aruba the last week of June and first week of July after Natalee disappeared. Some really strange things happened while there. I just read the "Desperation?" article. What else would you expect to come out of Aruba........

EasyWriter said...

Hi Priscilla! Thanks for dropping by.

I don't follow the case that closely anynore, but there are several forums that still do.

I have been exchanging email with Jossy Mansur for a long time and he still keeps me updated, if any news should break. Which is pretty rare these days.

Mitral Valve said...

Howdy Mike,

I´ve been away for a while. I wonder where we stand at the moment. Would it be possible to give me a summary in 1 or 2 lines?

Mitral Valve

EasyWriter said...

MV – In one or two lines, nothing has changed. The speculation continues, but the public has not been informed as to the results of the Dutch investigation of this crime.

Bali said...


I just wish we could ALL get closure on this one.

Kudos for you for keeping this and Madeline cases alive in our hearts.

EasyWriter said...

Bali - I keep hoping for news about Natalee's story, but that looks less and less likely these days. Not much talk at all in Aruba about this story and Jossy’s independent search has hit a few stumbling blocks. Rumor has it that the Netherlands wrapped up their investigation and turned over their findings to Aruba’s prosecutor. Thus far, I have no confirmation of that, but it is known that the Kalpoe brothers are pushing hard to have their names lifted from suspect status. That is primarily due to the civil case in California against Dr. Phil and company.

Anonymous said...


Me thinks Aruba Girl has some connections with some American/Aruban "reporters", doncha think?! The article sounds a tad like Angela to me. Funny, as of today, 2/25/08, exactly "0" reviews have been formally requested of congress!
Thanks for the work you do! I see ya on Gretawire, SM, etc.
Katherine/Austin, TX

Priscilla said...

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