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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Blogger Break!

(Or the Case of the Missing Desire)

Unfortunately, I have not had time to properly devote to this blog and will take a hiatus until a later date. If I do receive any news from Aruba that is significant, I will post it here.

From the very beginning it has been difficult to get current news out of Aruba in the English language and software translators have a very difficult time with Papiamento. The native language of Aruba is a blend of many that came together over many, many years. Software translators choke on it, because it has so many nuances unique to the island. A cutting edge online publication is seriously considering the addition of an English language version of their publication.

Personally, I know little about the philosophies of the ownership, but I do know that I would like to be able to read news out of Aruba as it happens. Presently, most of us not familiar with Papiamento are totally reliant upon others to provide translations, or summaries of current news articles. So, I am going to do a little advertising for 24ora in hopes that others will let them know there is a sizable interest in an English version of the news source. Sending an email (info@24ora.com) and requesting the English version will go a long way to convince the owners that there is a real interest in such. Registering with their site will also ensure action will be taken. (www.24ora.com)

Give it some thought!

Taken directly from their web site:

24 Ora.com is part of the Infinity Media Aruba Group. Infinity Media Aruba was established in December of 2006 and is currently offering marketing/ communication and event consultation for third parties on a freelance basis. 24 ora.com is the first in house project of Infinity Media Aruba.

24 Ora is an information revolution that engages people through a truly interactive experience that combines the best of traditional media with innovative new technology. We endeavor to create a richer, more participatory news and information experience for users in Aruba and the world.

24 Ora focuses in providing its users with local news, international news and lifestyle news 24 hours a day. This in an objective, small and easy to read format while audio & video is added to selected news items. Users have the opportunity to comment on each item and view fellow users' comments.

Mission Statement:
24ora.com will be leader as an online news provider providing objective local, international and lifestyle news for its user’s personal development

Business Philosophy:
A great part of the local & international population is interested in being informed about current news in the world and in their own local environment. For 24ora.com it is important to provide short to read objective news to its users within a short time-frame of the news its occurrence. Also it is important for 24ora.com to provide its advertising customers with a high quality advertisement campaign to reach their company goal.

The creator of 24 ora achieved his degree in Commercial Marketing and Communication at the Landstede College in the Netherlands. During his studies in the Netherlands and practicals in Florida, U.S.A he gained the fundamental tools and expertise in creating complete online marketing campaigns and mastering internet automation technology. He has worked with and for major search engines as Google, Yahoo & MSN. Today he is responsible for General Strategy, Marketing Campaigns, Public Relations & Quality Assurance.

The creator explains:
"Out of the time that consumers pay attention to medias in general, they are spending most of that time online. Just imagine all the employees who work in offices that are connected to the internet, outside workers that come home after work and go online. Infinity Media Aruba wants to serve this new generation of information seekers in the best possible way. The strategy that we follow is to offer an as wide as possible line of information to our users."

© copyright Infinity Media Aruba 2007


Thanks go out to the staff at 24 Ora for providing an English translation of the Kalpoe story. I hope we see more news stories written in English soon!


Anonymous said...

oww so now we are going to try and get 24 ora on your side ahn? Where is Jossy tyrant Mansur now at? ahn?

EasyWriter said...

It is not about being on one side or the other. There is only one side when speaking about the truth and reporting the news. Someone from 24Ora was kind enough to respond to an email inquiry of mine and told me that an English version of their online publication was in the works. I just wanted to expedite the process by letting them know that there was large interest in them doing so. Btw, the DIARIO already has a good working relationship with 24Ora.

Jossy Mansur is not available to give me or anyone else daily translations of news articles of interest. If anything notable happens in the case of Natalee Holloway, he will let it be known. You can rest assured of that one!

Anonymous said...

Well, an English version from BOTH would be greatly appreciated. I saw a post that indicated there was more online to translate Klingon (Star Trek) into English than there is to translate Papiamento! (So I did a little Google and discovered it is true.) I also did a little looking into populations and language that indicated there were less than 250k worldwide who speak (much less read) Papiamento.

Anonymous said...

Hey Easy,
If you have A CHANCE, CAN YOU ASK jOSSY ABOUT THE FOLLOWING (oops) article that was found...was it blood found in one of the car's of the vsloots or was this an error and it was referring to Deepak's car. My hunch is that blood truely was originally found in sloots car.

The "Diario," a local daily newspaper, is reporting that a human blood sample found in a car at the residence of one of the teens in custody — the 17-year-old son of a high-ranking island judicuary official — is now being sent to the U.S. and will be tested for a possible match to Natalee, whose mother gave a blood sample to investigators

EasyWriter said...

ldstlou - Do you have the date of that article?

Anonymous said...

It would have been before but around June 11th because Fox News quoted from it: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,159252,00.html

EasyWriter said...

ldstlou - I will check it out, but I know he is very busy with a big story. Not sure when I will hear anything.

Anonymous said...

Thanks easy...a bunch of us are mulling this one over. The above comment was not mine about the date of the article. I too believe it was the 11th of June. I think it is huge if it was indeed the sloots car where they found blood and not Deepaks!!

Anonymous said...

PS...any hints on the big story Jossy is working on? :o)Inquiring minds want to know!! lol

EasyWriter said...

ldstlou - Sorry about that! I never knew there were so many people name Anonymous before I started this blog. lol

All I can say is that it involves the upper echelon of government in Aruba, the FBI and new information that has recently surfaced. But, it has nothing to do with Natalee Holloway unless there just happens to be some remote connection.

Anonymous said...

I figured that Easy...hey...if one tumbles...I think they all will!! Has to be good for Natalee's case if the whole darned pile of crapperoonies fall!! If you get a chance to talk to Jossy..clarification would really help.
LDSTLOU!!! the other "anonymous? lol

Anonymous said...

24ora is a good site. It also makes use of online videos. I hope they do add a English option and that what is in papi will also be available in English without editing its content.

I can no longer view Diario site as I get IE message and a shut down. I do not know why. I do miss Jossy's paper and hope someday he will also add a English option.

PearlinUSA, BFN

EasyWriter said...

PearlinUSA, BFN - Write 24ora and let them know! The only way they will bother is if they see interest.

Anonymous said...

Love the new format EASY - blue is my favorite color :)


EasyWriter said...

Thanks Klaas!

I'm still learning my way around with Blogger, but it is fun.