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Thursday, September 27, 2007

September Equinox

Fall has always been a reflective time for me and my thoughts quickly return to a small southern town nestled in the tall pines and old oaks. The tines of steel yard rakes would sing as they moved across the asphalt streets, gathering small piles of leaves along side the curb to be burned. The aroma of the burning leaves would permeate the air along with the distant sound of a marching band practicing for the Friday night game. The old front porch swing would sway with the gentle breeze and the screen door would bounce as children ran in and out of the house.

Those few blocks surrounding the old house perched upon a hill was my world. It was my kingdom and I ruled it from high atop an ancient Mulberry tree. It was my childhood.

(to be cont.)


EasyWriter said...

The whole purpose of this entry was to showcase the picture. lol I took it over the past weekend and digitally enhanced it with some out of the box graphic tricks.

The person on the upper level of the pier is my sister and she is looking across a bay not long after dawn. It just happened to be the first day of Fall, the September Equinox.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you started your blog back up Mike.. hang in there.


EasyWriter said...

Thanks Rob! Nice of you to drop by.

Anonymous said...

Easy, you are a gifted writer.

So happy you are back.

Anonymous said...

nice picture